Cryptography Startup Invests in Anti-Snooping Projects

Mainframe, a Utah-based security and cryptography startup company, has recently taken steps to donate nearly USD $2 million in a variety of different privacy and human rights efforts all over the world. As the media continues to focus on a combination of human interest stories regarding the importance of digital privacy and the right to avoid politically oppressive systems, the cryptocurrency and blockchain community has amped up its efforts to support freedom.

Mainframe itself is a company working to create their own blockchain protocol which prevents both censorship and surveillance on their network. Built on the secure Ethereum blockchain, the platform is poised to foster a new type of encrypted communications protocol which will be free from many of the follies which plague the overly-politicized world of traditional media and spread of information.

For its own efforts, Mainframe has been incredibly effective at winning funding for the new project. The small startup has blossomed into an effective organization, having secured over USD $20 million in contributions in order to create the revolutionary new communications platform. And it hasn’t been without success, either. Mainframe was able to roll out Onyx, which is a messaging app loaded with the Proof-of-Concept blockchain tech which gives it its trademark security.

Mainframe Efforts

But the company was not just contented with creating their own free information and manipulation-free technology. The organization’s founder talked in an interview with Deseret News about his conviction regarding the power of free information and protected digital communications. He stated that his company was committed to contributing to different operations all around the world which are concerned with creating a more free way to communicate.

The CEO, Mick Hagen, spoke at-length about his interest in the use of the blockchain as a decentralized way to share information on the immutable chain. He outlined that while the blockchain is decentralized, it is still able to provide ways for information shared to be held accountable, and for its creators and their power to be mitigated and checked.

To this end, Mainframe has been an effective creator of technology to use the blockchain to better spread information.

Philanthropic Efforts

But aside from their own work in the industry, Hagen and his employees have worked to contribute to a number of important causes in the information freedom effort globally. In the past year, the company has contributed nearly USD $2 million to a variety of operations which seek to liberate information within oppressed countries like North Korea.

The largest benefactor of the contributions was the Human Rights Foundation, an organization which has been working hand in hand with Reporters Without Borders, as well as other major philanthropic companies, in attempting to free the spread of information within oppressive regimes.

The chief strategy officer of the beneficiary charity spoke out on the influx of funding, stating that the funds would be essential to the continuation of their efforts. Specifically, he said that the Human Rights Foundation would use the money to send more news, information, and educational materials to North Koreans cut off from the world by their governments.

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