Mainframe Pre-Sale Partners (Funds, Builders, Angels & Media) Announcement Coming

MAINFRAME Set To Unravel Partners From Recent Pre-Sale ICO

With the July 4th token distribution done, the Mainframe ICO is set to announce investors and partners from the Mainframe private pre-sale. The official statement from the ICO's blog also read that the announcement of partners is in four parts namely

  • Funds- These are traditional VCs and the cryptocurrency-based VCs.
  • Builders- The list of partnering prominent CEOs, executives and founders entrepreneur within the blockchain community.
  • Angel investors- Individuals who add strategic or financial value to the ICO but are neither founders nor funds.
  • Media personalities- These are media partners who help strengthen and grow Mainframe's community.

The Criteria Behind Mainframe's Partner Selection

In the blog post, the Mainframe founder, Mike Hagen, takes time to further elaborate on the performance of the private pre-sale. It is evident that Mainframe undertook a selection process to partner with the right investors. The criteria for the assortment was on

Token Usage

Organizations and individuals committed to using the Mainframe token


Mainframe also went down the experience path to choose experienced and smart individuals skilled in crypto matters.


The partners in this category include influential business people and individuals in crypto activities


In a literal sense, this list contains partners looking to substantially grow the Mainframe Network user base through spreading the message of the venture.


Global partners from various countries regardless of the differences.


Mainframe's criteria also worked to eliminate people or funds looking to scam into the project, and this ensures legitimate investors.


The Private pre-sale did not disproportionately allocate the tokens, and no single participant received a large allocation that can influence or control token value on the Mainframe Network.

Future Outlook Of Mainframe

Potentially, Mainframe is aware of the disappointment of the general public not being able to participate in the private pre-sale or the fact that the token allocation was not what most hoped for during the phase.

However, the founder does acknowledge the fact that the most critical element to consider is that it is only the beginning and they are considering a crowdsale also to indulge the public in the Mainframe Network.

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