Majato MJT Coin Review

Every cryptocurrency project has something that appeals to consumers in a way that other brands cannot offer. Some creators offer consumers the chance to get bonus tokens, while others integrate industries that have been previously untouched by the crypto world. With Majato, consumers will have access to the MJT token, which will be involved with the cannabis industry.

What is Majato MJT?

Majato sticks with a blockchain of transactions, focusing on the production and distribution of cannabis. The goal is to create products that have impressive quality, ensuring that consumers can use a better product for both medical and recreational use.

The theory of the company is that the product will still be available within the realm of the Majato ecosystem, even with market changes. There will be no restrictions to access in the seed-to-sale process, once the project is launched and confirmed.

About the MJT Token and the ICO

The MJT Token is the only way to exchange with the Majato platform. It is used for:

  • Raising funds during the Majato project
  • Offering receipts for the purchase of the product with the right amount of tokens
  • Delivery of cannabis products

To get the tokens, consumers will need to participate in one of the ICO token sales. The number of tokens available is finite, so it is important that consumers take the time to purchase their tokens, if they want to get involved with Majato. There will be two distinct stages of the ICO – the pre-sale and the main sale.

The Pre-Sale will offer 10,000,000 tokens total. The first 1,000,000 tokens will be free to the founders of the Majato project, but those tokens cannot be sold or transferred for a year. The creators refer to 700,000 of the tokens as bounty, while the rest of the MJT tokens are available for sale. The Pre-Sale will last for 45 days, or whenever the 10,000,000 tokens have been purchased.

The Main Sale will have the rest of the tokens, which amount to 50,000,000. Only 42,000,000 will be available for purchase, with one of the tokens being equivalent to 0.0033 ETH. The sale will go for 90 days, or whenever the total allotment runs out.

Trading and Investing with Majato

The whole goal of the Majato tokens is to do away with two of the issues that they see with the cannabis industry – the use of cash for payments and the lack of security in each exchange. This product does not have financial restrictions, so users and buyers of cannabis can use it as a way to pay without cash. Plus, the blockchain helps consumers see exactly what happens to their cannabis in the production process before it reaches them.

How Majato and Cannabis Factor Together

There are a few goals the Majato has for connecting cryptocurrency with the cannabis industry. They want to participate in this market and support the creation of a healthy and high-quality production. However, by creating awareness about cannabis, the industry can easily make a difference.

Every person that participates in this type of blockchain technology is to help every MJT investor to get information from “seed to sale.” Eventually, the company aims to help establish a software service to track the production of cannabis, along with the different farming and sale information.

With this type of marketing by such an interesting product, owners of the MJT tokens will be fully informed, and will understand the legality behind their participation. The only way that this campaign will be launched with by passing all the legality procedures, which means that consumers will only be able to participate where cannabis is legal.

Once that goal is met, this project will:

  • Support the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use
  • Support an assortment of options to consumers to find the best strain for them, along with the best products to use the cannabis.
  • Encourage the development and opening of relaxed venues for users of legal age
  • Reduce the bad propaganda towards cannabis users and produces.

Contacting Majato MJT

The website for Majato has an impressive amount of information that the website offers about this type of cryptocurrency. The easiest way to reach out to the customer service team is by sending an email to [email protected]

Consumers can also connect with the company through social media from the following websites:


Majato MJT Coin Summary

Participants in the Majato token will be directly involved with the cannabis industry, which is not something that every consumer wants in their crypto exchanges. The rate is about the same as other currencies, but the restriction to one type of application may deter potential investors.

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