Make Bitcoin Great Again A New Theme For Super Bitcoin Hark Fork Split

Last week, Tuesday December 12, 2017, was the launch of Super Bitcoin—a new hard fork that is meant to “make Bitcoin great again,” according to developers.

A major development in the world of cryptocurrency, Super Bitcoin is one of the few forks that are set to detach from the Bitcoin core network. Conceived in China, Super Bitcoin seeks to optimize the original digital currency through innovations such as Lightning Network. It also aims to introduce an 8-megabyte block capacity. The new network targets a 498,888-block launched on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

Follows Bitcoin Ideas

Explaining the momentum behind the idea of creating the new network, developers said they were acting in conformity with the ideas from the Bitcoin community.

According to information published on the project’s website, “Please remember: this is just an experiment…We are merely implementing the proposals recommended by the Bitcoin community. Only when we put these talks into actions that we can make Bitcoin great again.”

Generally following Bitcoin’s qualities, Super Bitcoin is however famous for its intended generation of 21,210,000 coins, which exceeds the mark set by the original Bitcoin. Essentially, Super Bitcoin aims to include 210,000 pre-mined coins.

More Pre-mined Coins

The website clarifies, “The 210,000 pre-mined coins will be managed by the Super BTC Foundation and are mainly used to encourage early developers. They will also be used to invest in the super BTC ecosystem and to ensure the operation of the Super BTC Foundation.”

Following the launch of the coin, mainstream Bitcoin mining pools F2Pool and BTCC are said to be in agreement with the fork. Speculatively, 21 exchanges will provide trading based on listings.

In addition to the Super Bitcoin, December will also see the launch of new versions of Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash Plus, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Uranium.

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