About MakeAFolio ICO (MAF Token)

MakeAFolio is a cryptocurrency management platform focusing on portfolio management and cryptocurrency management that offers an all-inclusive ecosystem where users could manage, track, and compare their investments with ease and clarity. The ecosystem will not only be beneficial to those starting out in cryptocurrency investments but also experienced traders that want to share their skills through their portfolios in a platform that is decentralized, convenient and innovative.

The main feature of the platform is the MAF leaderboard that ranks all the users based on their portfolio performance, achievements, and the value of their portfolio. Through the leaderboard, users can copy the portfolios of their preferred users and apply it to their own portfolio directly.

Create Your Own Portfolio

Users can create their portfolios from scratch using the MAF create feature. The feature will also allow users to copy or adjust the portfolios on the leaderboard. To create a portfolio a user first deposits their amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum that is converted into MAF tokens. The system then automatically converts the MAF tokens to the user’s desired portfolios using the correct percentages after they make the token selections and diversification ratios.

Once a portfolio is created, users can access the health and performance of their portfolios using the MAF track tool that has important information about the portfolio such as the token name, the total value of the token, amount and current price of the token and finally its performance in the past 24 hours. This ensures that users have a delight experience in cryptocurrency management.

Eliminating Loss Of Funds

The platform will eliminate the risk of losing funds during transfer of cryptocurrencies using the MAFPAY system. The system allows users to deposit their cryptocurrencies into the MakeAFolio wallet and transfer it by inputting the destination to which they would like to transfer the funds. The funds are released after the user verifies the receiving wallet by sending a small amount of cryptocurrency to the wallet. This ensures that the user does not send the funds to the wrong wallet.

Learn From The Experts

Through the MakeAFolio mentor program, users have the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders by joining the MAF Mentor Program where their will receive training and mentorships on issues relating to the cryptocurrency world such as how to spot good ICOs. Users can also become MAF mentors after review and selection by the MAF team.

The MAF token is the only accepted means of payment for the services on the platform. However, users can deposit other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which the platform automatically converts to MAF tokens.

Benefits Of The Platform


Through the platform users can easily create and diversify, their portfolios into a variety of different tokens at the same time using the MAF create tool.


The platform has tutorials, mentorship programs, and social features that enable users to easily grasp concepts about cryptocurrency investments therefore becoming experts in a short period.

Parameters Of The MakeAFolio ICO (MAF Token) ICO

  • Token: MAF
  • Token protocol: ERC-20
  • Token supply: pre-sale – 5,000,000 MAF, ICO – 55,000,000
  • Pre- sale date: July 1 – September 1, 2018
  • ICO date: September- December
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, & BCC

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