Malta Introduces Task Force For Artificial Intelligence

Malta is renowned for being one of the most favorable environments for cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. Now the Maltese government has introduced a task force to steer its strategy on Artificial Intelligence, called The first project for involves partnering SingularityNET to develop the first-ever Robot Citizenship Test. If successful, the solution should be able to evaluate whether robots can be classed as citizens.

The project will seek to produce benevolent Artificial Intelligence (AI) and benevolent robots. Also, they will advance the capabilities of an existent robot called Sophia. Sophia is a product of Hanson Robotics that has a scanty knowledge of the concept of digital currencies. Specifically, SingularityNET will use its blockchain protocol as the database of the Sophia robot.

The Sophia humanoid came into the limelight in 2017 when she spoke on the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. She resurfaced again at the recently concluded Malta Blockchain Summit.

Silvio Schembri, a junior minister in the Maltese government said:

“The artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to analyze data and make decisions according to the result of the analysis. The partnership between the government and SingularityNET intends to increase accessibility to government services, abolish redundancy in the workforce and provide relevant information to the citizens. Also, the task force will have the responsibility of educating Maltese citizens on the risks associated with artificial intelligence.”

According to Arif Khan, the VP of marketing at SingularityNET, many corporate giants are now turning to AI as a means of generating additional revenue. For instance, Arif mentioned that Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, has integrated AI as a core part of its technological infrastructure.

Away from the partnership with, SingularityNET operates a marketplace where users can access AI services. Recently, the company introduced the Singularity Studio for the creation of solutions based on their Artificial Intelligence platform.

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