Man Group Hedge Fund Bitcoin Futures

With Chicago Mercantile Exchanges launching Bitcoin futures contract in a few weeks, everybody is talking about Bitcoin. The arrival of CME might enable investors to speculate on the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies without actually holding cryptocurrency. Amidst this changes, Britain's Man Group could be preparing to enter the Bitcoin market too.

Futures Contracts For Everybody

Man Group is the world's largest publicly traded hedge fund, having more than $103.5 billion under their control. If they were to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, they could certainly make a splash.

Speaking to Reuters, Man Group’s CEO Luke Ellis said that digital currencies are interesting and that they might not be a part of the investment universe today, but they could be soon. There is a very clear intent in investing in cryptocurrency.

Everybody Is Looking At Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been the subject of conversations both in America as in the UK. Traders are eager to speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies all around. Luke Ellis, from the Man Group, stated that the biggest difference between digital and traditional currency is that the traditional ones are supported by governments and they have both armies and laws to make people follow their rules, while the digital ones don't, but that does not invalidate them.

Man Group has come a long way since 1783 when it started as a sugar cooperage and brokerage company. Today, it's one of the most important companies in the world and they are aiming to conquer new territory: cryptocurrency.

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