Mandala, found online at, is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to connect the universe using blockchain technology. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is Mandala?

Mandala is a new cryptocurrency exchange on a mission to “connect the universe through blockchain.” The word “mandala” means “universe” in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts. Mandala also uses a flower as its logo. That flower is built with nature’s Fibonacci sequence in mind, “representing the continuity the universe provides.”

Flowery goals aside, what does Mandala hope to accomplish? How does the cryptocurrency exchange seek to differentiate itself from the hundreds of other exchanges available today? Let’s take a closer look at how Mandala works.

How Does Mandala Work?

Mandala aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange world by focusing on simplicity, security, and sustainability.

One of the unique things about Mandala is that it provides users with training at each step of the cryptocurrency trading process. You’ll not only be able to participate in active trading on the Mandala cryptocurrency exchange, but you’ll learn more about cryptocurrency trading while you do so.

Based on these training materials, you’d think that Mandala caters exclusively to beginners. However, the exchange also claims to offer advanced services that cater to institutional investors and advanced investors.

Some of the advanced features available on Mandala include integrated trade signaling for entries and exits, vital trading data and analytics, simple trading bot functionality, and more.

Why does Mandala put such a huge emphasis on teaching investors how to trade? The platform explains that “knowledge is power”. They aim to teach beginner trades how to trade more efficiently, helping to level the playing field and creating a more-informed marketplace overall. Today, many cryptocurrency users throw users into the deep end with barely any explanation of how trading works. Mandala has tools and resources that educate users while also seeking to increase their trading profits.

The full release of the Mandala platform is scheduled for Q4 2018, with a beta release expected in Q3 2018. Mandala also plans to launch Android and iOS apps before the end of the year.

Mandala (MDX Token) Features

Mandala emphasizes all of the following features:


Mandala’s educational tools include step-by-step resources and tutorials available to all traders online. These resources aim to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to “shift reactive strategies into proactive trading and investment decision making.”

Customer Support:

Mandala also emphasizes customer support, making it easy for users to contact the team with any questions.


Mandala will introduce a social aspect to their platform. The exchange will reward contributors with MDX tokens for their participation in the community. “Without connectivity we wouldn’t have come this far,” explains the official website, “shifting from the internet of things to the internet of value.”

Powerful Engine:

Users will access Mandala through a streamlined UI. That UI is built on top of a trading engine capable of handling millions of transactions per second. The exchange will offer automatic on-site trading tools, analytics, and AI-derived strategies to complement the experience delivered through Mandala’s cutting edge trading platform.

Lower Fees:

Mandala offers a competitive fee structure. Similar to other exchanges, you can use MDX tokens to save significant fees while trading and investing on the platform.

MDX Tokens:

MDX tokens are used to get a discount on platform trading fees. However, MDX token holders can also unlock exclusive features and resources, giving them an edge as they apply the Mandala platform to their trading and investment strategy. Some of the specific resources available to MDX token holders include risk and profit strategies, signals and alerts, and a Mandala “Trade Assistant”.

Who’s Behind Mandala?

Mandala is headquartered in Chicago. The company was founded in 2018. Mandala was co-founded by Nate Flanders (CEO) and Anant Handa (CSO). Other listed members of the executive team include Trevor Soares (CMO) and Zach Daniels (CTO).

Prior to co-founding Mandala, Flanders had owned, operated, and scaled multiple successful companies, including online marketing agencies, software development firms, gambling companies, and cell phone repair retail locations. In 2017, Flanders moved into the blockchain space and became the Director of Operations of He also co-founded Crypto Coin Trader.

Handa, meanwhile, is the founder and CEO of Chicago-based ReVamp Electronics which distributes parts and consumer-level brands across the wireless repair industry.

The long-term goal of the Mandala exchange is to become one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to become fully compliant with the SEC.

The Mandala Token (MDX) Sale

The MDX token sale is scheduled to begin on May 11, 2018.

Of the total supply of tokens, 65% are allocated to the token sale, 20% are allocated to the team, 10% to a reserve fund, and 5% to advisors and bounties.

MDX tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. A total supply of 260 million tokens are available to purchase during the crowdsale using ETH, BTC, or LTC.

Mandala has set a soft cap of $3 million for the token sale and a hard cap of $18 million. The price per token is set at $0.05 USD during the pre-sale, rising to $0.06 and $0.07 during the ICO.

The ICO is officially scheduled for May 11 to June 22. No new coins will be minted, created, or mined after the ICO.

Mandala (MDX Token) Conclusion

Mandala is a cryptocurrency exchange that emphasizes user-friendliness. The exchange will give traders educational tools they can use to learn how to trade more effectively.

At the same time, Mandala also plans to cater to advanced traders and even institutional investors, providing these participants with the advanced trading tools they need. The long-term goal of Mandala is to become one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges registered with the SEC.

The token sale for MDX tokens – which can be used to get discounted trading fees on the platform – begins on May 11, 2018. To learn more about Mandala tokens and how they work, visit online at

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