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With the current crypto craze that is currently grabbing the world at large, it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of interest being generated by altcoins within many Latin American countries. Mango Startups is one such venture, that aims to provide a “decentralized fund” that is primarily meant for use by investors living in various South American nations.

What Is Mango Startups?

As mentioned earlier, Mango is an all new crypto platform that allows users to invest in a diversified portfolio of up to “24 tech startups from different countries”. Since it based entirely within the blockchain, this service offers complete transparency, as well as comes with a clear exit strategy that allows its users to reap benefits within strict, defined timeframes. Also, according to the company's online vision, Mango Startups aims to “democratize venture investments and serve as a bridge between crypto and fiat economies”.

Why Choose Mango Startups?

Some of the key facets of this platform that make it stand out include:

International Scalability:

Owing to the fact that Mango Startups has its headquarters in Costa Rica, San Francisco and London, it is able to expand its operations in a stable and sustainable fashion. In addition to this, it also allows for global customer incorporation through the use of a stable business model that allows for increased investor confidence.

Defined Exit Strategy:

Unlike other crypto investment ventures which make bold ROI claims but fail to deliver, Mango Startups makes use of a clearly defined plan that clearly delineates the time periods as to which it will strictly adhere to. For starters, according to the official company whitepaper “the average time for VCs and Angels to exit via M&A is five years”. Not only that, via the use of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, Mango Tokens can provide investors with liquidity within short terms.

Decent Revenue Structures:

All of the startups that have been outlined within the portfolio have been put through a period of “rigorous incubation and acceleration”. What this means is that, all of the startups mentioned in the portfolio have been checked thoroughly so as to verify their business models (and their future monetary viability).


According to the official company website, “InvertUP is the 1st seed capital fund that has been listed on the national stock exchange in LATAM”. As a result of this, users can be sure that all of their investments are being handle in a completely transparent and legally compliant manner.

Latin America Decentralized Seed Capital Fund Other Key Aspects

Risk Minimization:

Through the use of legal international practices, as well as a diverse investment portfolio, Mango Startups is able to minimize our risks of monetary losses.

Diverse Corporate Engagements:

To help secure our funds, the company puts our money into a wide array of different technological domains such as

  • Blockchain technology based Ventures
  • VR/AR Advergames
  • Solar energy based projects
  • Biomedical Equipment Companies
  • Fantasy sports and gambling industry
  • Banking Services

In addition to this, the Mango also has partnerships with a wide array of ‘Video Content providers’.

Multiple Investment Options:

As mentioned previously, this service makes use of multiple investment avenues to help maximize our returns in the safest way possible. Some of the key investors that have participated in the company’s ICO include:

  • Venture investors
  • Crypto asset holders
  • Regular investors
  • Fiat investors

Mango Startups Token Details

All of the transactions that take place within the company’s ecosystem will be maintained via the use of a currency called Mango Tokens. There will be two separate phases during which this currency can be procured:

Pre ICO:

This phase will be conducted in order to raise funds that will cover for the company's legal fees and admin costs. It is scheduled to commence on the 1st of March, 2018, and go on till the 20th of March, 2018. During this period, investors will have the ability to reap bonuses of up to 33% on the token rate.


During this phase, there will be a total of 30,000,000 Mango Tokens that will be made available for purchase. The price of each coin will be as follows: 1 USD = 10 tokens. A wide array of cryptocurrencies can be used for making purchases including BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO. This period is scheduled to start on the 21st of March, 2018 and go on till the 21st of April, 2018

Token Distribution Scheme

  • 75% of the entire currency pool has been set aside for distribution during the ICO phase.
  • 5% of all tokens will be used for marketing and promotional campaigns (so as to increase platform outreach).
  • 7% have been set aside for admin cost coverage.
  • The remaining tokens will be used for miscellaneous activities.

For any further details regarding this system, customers can write to company officials on the email address outlined on the “contact us” page.

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