Lengthy Manifesto From New Zealand Terrorist From Mosque Massacre Details His Influences, Including Involvement In Cryptocurrency

The light in New Zealand is a much darker this morning as families and loved ones mourn the loss of 49 people after the terrorist attack of the Christchurch mosques took their lives, injuring 20 others as well. This tragedy unfolded in a horrific way, as alleged murderer Brenton Terrant posted a live stream on social media of the killings of the peaceful Muslim worshippers. Though the military in New Zealand discovered multiple explosive devices in nearby cars, they have been disarmed, which will hopefully prevent further heartbreak this morning. The Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Mosque were both impacted in this terrible event.

Reports from the country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said that killer is considered an “extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.” She took to Twitter to encourage anyone involved with Christchurch to heed the directions of the local police, who have instructed these worshippers to stay inside until further instructions are given, which will hopefully be during the public statement at 5:00pm today.

The alleged gunman preceded his attacks with a 74-page manifesto of sorts, which has already begun to circulate online. In the writings, he describes his inspirations, derived from political agendas and other sources, which lead to this unfortunate and sad day. He claims that he learned how to kill from his practice on the game Fortnite and that he generated enough profit for the attacks through cryptocurrency.

The manifesto states that the killer invested in BitConnect to allow him to travel through Europe, Southeast Asia, and Asia. According to his manager at the gym he worked at, his destinations were where his mindset evolved into the radicalized state that it is in now. The BitConnect earnings came from a fraudulent cryptocurrency, which was worth over $2 billion at its peak.

In 2018, BitConnect was subsequently shut down, as authorities deemed the exchange guilty of fraud long before this attack. The project ended, and the cryptocurrency became worthless, but not before Terrant managed to earn what he needed.

The shooting in New Zealand is a massive shock to the system. The region is largely peaceful, and this horrific event will ripple out into the rest of the country, shaping how these situations can be handled or even prevented in the future. Both Australia and the UK have a ban on semi-automatic weapons, but New Zealand does not. Furthermore, it is a welcoming place for both immigrants and refugees and changing those freedoms and compassions would be a sad response to this singular attack. A middle ground needs to be found.

According to a report from Time, the shooter chose to use New Zealand to train for the attack because of the location. He aimed to show that “mass immigration” was still a possibility in remote areas. He even posted warnings before he attacked an online community, and the videos of the attack have since been displayed on nearly every social media channel possible. It is worth noting the timing of this attack as well since it occurred on an Islamic day of worship.

Though the focus on this tragedy needs to remain on the support and healing of the families left behind, this unfortunate connection with the industry should be a warning to regulators in the cryptocurrency industry. Even though there is no confirmation that the gunman actually participated in crypto, further security needs to be implemented and increased awareness of investors’ identities as they enter the market may help to prevent scenarios like this one from occurring. Without the funds, it is still possible that the terrorist would’ve found profit elsewhere, but Know Your Customer protocols could at least deter criminals from seeing this industry as an opportunity to fund their senseless acts against humankind. This is not an event that needs to happen twice, let alone once.

Readers should be aware that the document describing the terrorist’s plans and investments have yet to be deemed legitimate, and there is no confirmation of his investments or connections he’s stated. There is a total of four suspects in detention for the attacks, and this story will continue to evolve as new confirmations or denials are officially released.

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