MANO: ManoCoin by Masternode Foundation Reveals Its Own Crypto Launch

The cryptocurrency market has reached a colossal exposure. However, its volatility has had many investors rethinking their options. Many crypto fanatics believe that the next big investment is the masternode coins, which is a different level of mining that is more likely to bring in passive income.

This is where the Masternode Foundation and its cryptocurrency, MANO, comes into play. The respective foundation is supposedly a project that was created with the intentions of breaking down the barriers that have prevent investors from diversifying their portfolios with masternodes.

The launch of MANO, was intentional, as it was made in place for owners to collect their rewards in an efficient and immediate manner. In addition, the masternode coin can also be used for any services provided by the Masternode Foundation.

Here are the Masternode Foundation’s three most important services that are likely to increase confidence in users looking into masternodes altogether:


The MANO Host was designed to eliminate difficulty for masternode investors. One no longer needs to worry about linux commands nor need prior knowledge. Launching a full masternode is apparently as simple as a single click.

Automated Shared Masternode Service

The Automated Shared Masternode Service can potentially combine any “coin shared masternodes automatically” without any wait time attached. The platform has been evidently generated in a way that has vacant spaces for new shares as well. This will induce immediate earnings at a low cost of as little as a 2% fee.

Masternode Rankings

Finally, the Masternode Rankings will provide investors with a better idea as to which ones are worth looking into. In particular, its “Node Monitor” will provide the necessary data via email, text and push alerts to ensure that investors are made aware of any problems that might have occurred to their assets. As per the given data, the Node Monitor is both Android and iOS compatible.

To find out more about the Masternode Foundation and MANO coin, check out its light paper at:

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