What Is MarbCoin?

MarbCoin is a new cryptocurrency that supports smart contracts for real estate transactions. The coin combines the smart contracts with its app, making it suitable for funding and purchasing real estate projects. MarbCoins are now available at discounted prices during the pre-sale.

The MarbCoin team is convinced that with their new blockchain application, users will be able to participate in a cheaper and transparent real estate sector. In addition to purchasing and financing, the app will help users in the management and development of real estate properties. As of this writing, the MarbCoin presale is set to begin in about two hours’ time.

Problems In The Real Estate MarbCoin Seeks To Solve

MarbCoin has identified various flaws in the real estate sector, which it seeks to solve.

Mortgage And Old-Fashioned Banks

Currently, the real estate sector suffers from a myriad of issues especially involving financing, where it still depends largely on traditional banks that levy high fees. Besides, most of those institutions have poor acceptance policies.

The new cryptocurrency MarbCoin, together with the application, seeks to reduce the cost of real estate financing. The smart contracts are meant to improve acceptance for loans because of a better understanding of the financial possibilities.

Lack Of Transparency

Usually, many real estate investments lack transparency. Investors need to know what exactly they are investing in, who will be the ultimate owner, and the exact costs involved in financing a project to completion. Other important issues to clarify include whether the property has been rented out, and if so who are involved and on what terms.

With the MarbCoin application, this information becomes handy at the touch of a button.

MarbCoin Blockchain Real Estate Property Financing Project

While it’s still under construction, the following are some of the areas that MarbCoin blockchain and application has identified, which it seeks to cover.

Buying And Selling Of Residential And Commercial Property

With MarbCoin application, users can easily list a residential or commercial property for sale. Once done, the property appears in the application and its associated websites to show that the particular property is up for sale.

Any interested buyer can use the application to find out more information about the property. It’s easy to track previous owners as well as previous prices. Buyers can also view the property profile and additional information. All this happens through the app, eliminating the role of the traditional agent.

Financing Real Estate Property

In the case of a willing buyer who needs financing or mortgage, the MarbCoin app makes it possible to create a smart contract with full information of the property and financing details, which eventually ends up on the blockchain. Using the solid, blockchain-based information, companies and private individuals may offer financing for the property. Since all information is transparent on the blockchain, everyone can easily check and view it. This reduces the cost compared to traditional banks.

Property Management

The MarbCoin application makes property management simpler and clearer. Everything including rentals and tenants, maintenance contracts, vacant properties and more, will be available on the blockchain. The data also comes handy when selling a property. Hotels can also utilize the app to track management and rental rooms.

MarbCoin Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-Sale Date: August 1 2018 to September 20 2018
  • Main ICO Date: TBD
  • Token Price: 7000 MarbCoins per ETH
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 440 Million

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