What Is Marcelo Ethereum Crypto Mining?

Marcelo has a vision of creating the most advanced, large-scale crypto mining facility in the UK. To achieve this vision, Marcelo is going to utilize green and efficient technology. The creators of this project discovered that crypto mining could be quite profitable if done on a large scale. In essence, large-scale mining makes it possible to convert electricity into digital assets.

In the past two years, creators of the Marcelo project have been building up their skills and knowledge, with the aim of scaling up their mining activities. Besides that, they have developed the Marcelomrl.1.0. This software is designed to cut down operational and power costs. The software allows the miner to make optimal use of their GPU. The software ensures that the rigs Marcelo uses are profitable and eco-friendly.

Marcelo hopes that skills and knowledge combined with the Marcelomrl.1.0. The software is going to make them one of the most profitable mining farms globally. For them to reach their goals, Marcelo will hold a token sale to allow them to grow their mining farm.

Marcelo MRL Token ICO Details

The Marcelo ICO is not the usual ICO. The developers of this project believe that crypto mining needs to be decentralized and democratized. They also believe that it should be made open to anyone who supports the network and that they should benefit from it. To avoid issues with US securities laws, the MRL token can only be held by investors without a US passport, those without a US Green Card, do not have residency status in the US.

This is a standard ERC 20 token with 18 decimals. The source code for the smart contract has already been verified. Everyone can purchase a maximum of 100 ETH worth of the token and a minimum of 0.01 ETH. The MRL token is priced at 0.001 ETH. There is a total supply of 250 million tokens.

Most of the MRL tokens will be distributed proportionally among the investors in the ICO, future employees, team members, funds secure, and airdrops. The ICO has a soft cap of 500 ETH but has no hard cap. The main ICO will be available for 30 days.

Proceeds of the ICO will be used to purchase mining rigs, for marketing, funds secure, legal fees, paying advisors, and general operations.

Marcelo MMT Reward Scheme

Marcelo offers investors a smart and easy way to invest their cash. Those who buy the MRL token will get a similar number of MMT tokens. Holders of MMT tokens are given dividends in the form of ETH each month. The dividend payouts take place via a Smart Contract powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This dividend payment will start three months after the ICO has concluded. It will give the developers of this project enough time to assemble the mining farm and start earning crypto. The tokens will be made available on exchanges after the ICO is over.

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