What Is MarketSpace?

Market Space is a commercial platform that offers crypto financial services integrated into its system and built on the foundation of Gem4me messenger. This platform makes it easy to create businesses in a simple affordable and understandable way.

Market space allows the creation of commercial platforms and markets with ease. It also aids the making of purchases and sales by accepting and carrying out secure and safe payments. Besides, they do marketing and advertising campaigns for various businesses. For each market, specialized communities can be created, chats for the merchants, as buyers to communicate with each other. Also integrated into the system is the Smart Wallet, along with a bot-platform that is already in existence.

MarketSpace Smart Chat Bots

Smart chat bots help in the automation of most of the day-to-day processes of the users within the ecosystem of Market Space. The Blockchain technology makes the economy of Market Space simple and transparent. It also helps reduce transaction costs by eliminating intermediaries and improving the speed of transactions.

The platform also uses licensed electronic wallets where the funds are issued at the rate of 1:1. Business processes are optimized using artificial intelligence systems, which are also ideal in automating the financial management process for its users.

MarketSpace Qualified And Experienced Team

The team behind Messenger has three years’ experience in the development of the Gem4me messenger, thus giving them the foundation by which they have developed the Market Space. The messenger platform has been in the market since 2015 and it receives a lot of support from its users despite the competition.

This shows that the idea is valid and market relevant. The team is also highly professional, established, and knows how to do goal setting and achieving them in the set timeframe. The team guarantees its commitment to propel the Market Space idea to success.

MarketSpace Smart Gem4me Buy & Sell Platform Features

Fiat/Crypto Service

This feature enables users to withdraw, deposit, exchange and store funds in both crypto and fiat currencies via help of the system integrated in Market Space.

Cashback Services For Crypto

This feature encourages buyers to make repeat purchases.

GMC Token

This feature expands the capabilities of the platform by verifying buyers and merchants and by rating their trustworthiness.

Crypto Analytic Trade Signals

This feature allows users to receive signals coming from professional traders of various types of cryptocurrencies.

MarketSpace Benefits

  • The platform allows users to create a store of any size with the help of a chatbot.
  • The platform also offers services such as horoscopes tutoring, builders, and others.
  • With the platform, you will be able to sell tickets and goods for the house.
  • The platform allows users to have a large store where they have thousands of items and a chat room where they communicate with customers.
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence helps users find the right products in different stores.
  • Users can buy products on the platform using cryptocurrency.
  • For all personal purchases, there is cashback

In addition to the benefits cited above, users of Market Space also receive analytics for trading with cryptocurrency. They are also allowed to trade outside their city, region, or country.

This platform is going to take the crypto market by storm and revolutionize the eCommerce industry. It is a real example of how important innovation is and how helpful it can be when nurtured.

MarketSpace GMC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: GMC
  • Public pre-sale date: September 1, 2018 – October 14, 2018
  • Token Sale start date: October 15, 2018 – November 20, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.1 USD
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, DASH, BCC, LTC, XRP, XMR
  • Total Supply: 1,243,287,500 GMC
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 700,000,000 GMC

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