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About Mark.Space

Mark.Space is an eco-system allowing users from all over the world to communicate With each other in a social and financial manner, create new content, and consume products and services with the platform's other users. This project combines ideas with the most progressive technologies, such as VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality), blockchain and intelligent contracts.

The Markspace platform could be a new development in both VR as well as for new features seen in the blockchain and other cryptocurrencies.

Why Investors Could be Interested In Mark Space

The Stage Removes Societal Obstacles

Long-distance Communication with friends and loved ones has never been easier, as MARK.SPACE removes all barriers between the virtual and purpose realities.

The Platform Opens Up New Business Opportunities

MARK.SPACE Creates qualitatively new opportunities for developers, retailers, technologies.

The Platform Uses Advanced Technology

Platform is based on the latest VR and blockchain technologies, which have the potential to modify the quality of people's lives. MARK.SPACE claims to be the next level of product consumption and use.

The Stage Is One-of-a-Kind

In this circumstance and realization, project MARK.SPACE has observed no equivalents.

The Platform Saves Time

Time is money, As they say, which explains why it's more profitable to spend in the Initial phase of a project launching. This has to do with the fact that the price per 1 UNIT* develops after every 100K units.

*One unit of MARK.SPACE (8х8m = 64 m2) is a distance with its own web-address, using an opportunity to connect into an outer domain. Units can have different kinds of functionality.

Shopping Districts

Those who prefer offline purchases will probably soon change their thoughts, because buying stuff on the internet will become easier than ever. You may save precious time seeing brick and mortar shops, while still appreciating the same purchasing experience.

Community Districts

Never again will distance be a problem for seeing a museum or art-gallery. Or maybe you would like to visit a concert or sports sport and discuss your expertise with peers at the same moment? Now you can, in the identical manner you would experience it in real life.

Residential Districts

What does your dream apartment look like? Create new insides – for real design jobs or simply for fun, or replicate your real life home to share with peers. You can even visit copies of real life star apartments for inspiration!

Business Districts

Business communication hasn't been so productive. You now can communicate with partners from all possible locations, as though they were together with you in the same room, saving time and money.

Social Networks

Their audience exceeds 3 billion people. They've been the primary content consumption and communication channel between brands and users.


Has 1,5 billion of internet-shoppers all over the world, using a total Market share of $2,6 billion. The Web has enabled Consumers to buy practically anything their heart desires on-line — from Products to solutions.

Virtual Reality

VR is so much more than gaming — it is also Education, science, the movie business, healthcare, and some other location It is possible to think about, really!

Blockchain -Technology Of The Future

Blockchain Technology opens its doors to the future of electronic economies, where wishes of people, and not companies, are the most important.

Problems & Solutions

Insufficient VR-Content

VR-content Production (games, video, data, etc.) lags behind consumption. Additionally, VR can be unaffordable as a result of equipment costs.

Solution: Faster and cheaper and for multipurpose use, including the commercial ones.

VR E-commerce & Market-Place

Has always been a continuing demand for getting commercial jobs virtualized. But at the current moment it would be overly complicated concerning feasibility and costs to make a full scale virtual shop. Additionally, consolidating these projects is out of question.

Solution: They have already managed to construct a platform in addition to the tools to start commercial VR-spaces quickly and not too costly.

Alternative to Mining

Miner's requirement for alternative capacity use remains a hot issue in the industry.

Solution: We can leave the content for the stage inside the existing mining capability.

Social Network Centralization

Popular social communities together with adversting revenue are owned and managed by one individual.

Solution: Three kinds of community direction: “Boss”, “Unity”, or “Stakeholders”. It empowers the community to allocate management functions in equal parts And discuss the income.

Distrust Of Tokens

Many Businesses are blamed for speculative demand just without being backed With resources or even a simple necessity to use it in projects.

Solution: Users and business units can use it to:

  • sell both virtual and physical goods and services;
  • hire employees from the actual world and cover them in tokens; miners will get paid in tokens for supporting the platform.

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