Mars terminal is a robot program based on blockchain technology, and it is set to work on the stock exchange, cryptocurrency trading, and arbitration. The robot has an impressive number of variables, signals, and developed conditions for it to quickly and accurately come up with trading algorithms for users. Experienced specialists also maintain the program on around the clock basis, which minimizes program errors. This increases the profitability for the user who chooses to use the program.

What Is MarsTerminal?

Mars is your universal assistant and guide in crypto-currency arbitrage trading. Mars will offer its users arbitration windows and its chains to allow the investors to return the coins with profit to the starting exchange. Mars will process all prices on all the exchanges within the user’s presence. Mars will further simplify the transfer procedure on the stock exchanges from A to B with a single click.

Mars is based on algorithms and complex equations and uses hundreds of variables to extract the strategies of arbitrage, automatic, and manual trade between exchanges on different pairs of crypto-currencies. The complete version of the program will work on known crypto exchanges and will eliminate the risks of deliberate or accidental blocking.

MarsTerminal Tasks

  • The program provides up to date information on digital coins status in different markets in a simple and easy to understand manner
  • The program performs data analysis within the markets to prevent false positives
  • The program stacks information in a convenient block to allow the user to keep track of his or her income growth
  • The program also calculates the cost of the transaction chain and the final profit on the starting stock exchange
  • The program also automates all the steps in the chain of transactions to achieve the goals of the calculated data by saving time
  • The program also provides the user with an opportunity to trade in manual mode without being distracted by the search and calculations of suitable pairs

MarsTerminal Crypto Arbitrage Trading Assistant Advantages

  • The program will have a functional and simple to use interface that is suitable even for a novice user
  • The program will have 24-hour support for its users both in chat and call mode
  • The crypto risks and interchange risks will be minimized to almost zero and the program will offer the maximum security of operations
  • The program has a system of prompt responses to signals
  • The program offers an automatic calculation of trade forecasts
  • It regularly updates the user according to the user’s wishes
  • A user can use the program to work offline with the help of an electronic cloud platform
  • The program is compatible with windows and Linus OS
  • The program has a functional mobile application.

MarsTerminal AMT Token ICO Details

The token will be used as fuel for the commission to work with Mars. The user who installs the Mars program will download the AMT tokens into an integrated wallet and use the tokens as commission payment for using Mars. The tokens received by the program as a commission are excluded from circulation increasing the demand for the remaining AMT and increasing the tokens market value. The crowdsale of the token is already underway having started on 20th May 2018. Cost of each token is at 1 AMT= 0.001 Ether.

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