Masari (MSR) is a new cryptocurrency, which is a fork of Monero. It utilizes the RingCT and CryptoNote Protocols that have undergone thorough research and are cryptographically sound to ensure that Masari is fungible, scalable, secure, and untraceable.

The coin integrates the WHM Difficulty Algorithm in order mitigate the flash mining issues it might face as a new altcoin. The issues might result from the high hash rate volatility. A pull request was made to Monero in order to let them know about the changes published to the GitHub repository and as a contribution back to them. This will make it possible for those interested to review, modify, and when necessary push follow up commits.

How Does Masari Work?

The coin features a Graphic User Interface Wallet, Multi-Sig support, and sub-address support. Users can transact or store their Masari coins in the GUI wallet, which is easy to use. There is also a mobile wallet, which will be an expansion of the GUI wallet so that users can easily access their coins and carry out daily transactions easily. The wallet will be accessible on Linux, MacOS, and windows.

The Multi-Sig support eliminates the need for intermediaries during transactions and allows trustless off-chain transactions. The sub-address support enables one Masari private key to issue multiple sub addresses which results in an expansion beyond payment IDs.

Another unique feature of Masari is it Uncle Mining, which will create a more secure network that safely, reduces block emission rates for improved network latency during the mining operation. Holders of the Masari Coin can buy, sell, or trade their coin on various exchanges such as TradeOgre, SouthXchange, and StocksExchange.

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Paper Wallet

The Masari platform has a Paper Wallet where users can access offline wallet generator on the Masari Platform. The wallet generator will generate a new Masari wallet, which is self-contained and carries out all the necessary calculations locally. As a network, connection is not necessary in order to generate a new wallet. Users can create a Masari Wallet without the risk of their private keys being stolen or lost.

Currently, no ICO has been carried out and it is not anticipated that one will be carried out in the future unless it is necessary. All the costs such as infrastructure costs and exchange listing costs were paid out from personal funds.

Benefits Of Masari

Secure: Masari utilizes a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, which cryptographically secures all the transactions on the network to prevent them from cyber threats or hacker attacks.

Anonymous transactions: All the transactions carried out using Masari are private and anonymous by default, which can be attributed to the cryptographically sound protocol that has been integrated into the coin. This ensures that third parties do not have access to information regarding the transactions.

Traceability: The RingCT protocol that Masari uses ensures that all transactions cannot be traced or linked and the amounts that have been transferred are not accessible by the public.

Fungibility: The privacy features implemented within Masari result in true fungibility that means that the cryptocurrency is comparable to cash or gold where there is no discrimination of transactions against another.

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