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The crypto craze is in full swing, and as a result of this, there are many blockchain based technologies being released on a daily basis to help customers with a wide array of services. For example, in recent months, we have seen the launch of products such as payment services, online marketplaces, e-commerce stores, all of whom run on the power of cryptocurrencies.

What Is Mass Cryp?

Mass Cryp is a Dubai based startup that aims to “create a network of projects” which can serve as cost effective solutions for corporate customers. All of the services being delivered by Mass Cryp are based on the blockchain, and as a result of this, advertising and marketing becomes easier and much more affordable.

Mass Cryp Key Aspects

Some of the other key aspects of Mass Cryp include:

Tailor Made Products:

One of the core functions of this platform is to deliver customers with innovative services that are geared to meet not only individual requirements, but also those of the existing economic market.


In order to instill a sense of trust in their customers, Mass Cryp uses a policy of transparency, so as to allow its users to see where exactly funds have been utilized and spent.

Unique Mode Of Operation:

One of the things that sets this platform apart from other existing networks is that it is completely based on “Social Media, E-commerce & Video Based Marketing”. All of the aforementioned services are based on a single blockchain, which in itself will also possess unique capabilities.

Easy Interfacing Ability:

Through the use of its “Massconnect” feature, this platform allows for businesses to directly interact with their customers using a digital eCommerce network that makes buying/selling of services/products extremely easy and straightforward.

Native Currency:

Mass Cryp uses its own cryptocurrency to handle all transactions within its network.

Mass Cryp Features


Owing to its use of an advanced “peer-to-peer consensus network”, each and every transaction that goes through this platform has to be cryptographically signed and secured.

Fast And Efficient:

For large scale transactions (especially in a corporate environment), it is essential that payments can be sent and received quickly and efficiently. Through the use of Mass Cryp, businesses can execute large trade volumes within a matter of seconds. ‘Quick block’ technology allows for speeds that conventional transfer services can only dream to achieve.


Another important aspect of this platform is that it does not employ the use of any central authority figures. Transactions are managed on a person to person basis, thereby cutting out any need for third party organizations or governments.

Global Payments:

One of the biggest advantages of the crypto network is that there are no restrictions in terms of where and how much money is sent to any part of the world. Users have full control of their money, and don't have to fill out incessant paperwork to complete transactions.

Mass Cryp Token Details

In all, there will be an issuance of 200 million Mass Cryp tokens. The tokens will also be referred to as POW, and will be used to maintain all transactions that take place within the Mass Cryp network.

Out of the 200 million tokens, 10% of them (20 million) are pre-mined and are available for purchase during the ICO. However, it should be noted that during this phase, there will be a total of 2.5% of the total tokens that will be reserved for purchase by early investors and backers.

ICO Structure:

During the ICO phase, the total number of coins that will be available will be 20 million. Additionally, during the ICO, token holders will receive all purchased tokens immediately. From a pricing standpoint, we can see that the initial price of the tokens have been set to be $0.10. However, this is not the final purchase value, and based on an algorithm used by the ICO system, the value of each individual token is set to rise after every 100,000 tokens are sold.

Distribution Of Tokens:

According to the official company white paper, the distribution scheme is as follows:

  • 90% (equivalent to 180 million Mass Cryp token) Minable – Proof Of Work (POW)
  • 7.5% (equivalent to 15 million Mass Cryp token) available for acquisition at ICO
  • 2.5% (equivalent to 5 million Mass Cryp token) will be sold during the Pre-Sale period.


In order for users to complete their payments, they can use Bitcoins during the ICO. The choice of currency has been done in a way such that “no fiduciary currency or any other type of currency” can destabilize the value of the tokens. As mentioned earlier, as soon as the payment is done, token delivery will be carried out into the users personalized ‘Mass Wallet’.

Mass Cryp Conclusion

For any further clarifications, or to alleviate any queries, users have been asked to get in touch with company representatives either via email or through the phone number provided on the “contact us” page.

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