MasterBit Coin (MBC Token) Cryptocurrency Platform Launch Is Announced

A new cryptocurrency platform has been recently announced. The MasterBit Foundation has officially announced that MasterBit Coin (MBC) would start to be traded on and today. The company is based in Tallinn, Estonia, which has been considered the “new Silicon Valley” by some on the internet because of its innovation and fast adoption of new technologies.

MasterBit is a new crowdfunding platform that was created to revolutionize the market by using its tokens, a variation of DASH which uses its open source structure to create a network made up of masternodes that is fast to validate transactions and could be using for staking, which would incentivize people to aiding in securing the network.

A New Crowdfunding And Crowd Investment Platform

The main goal of the company is to use the blockchain technology to create a marketplace in which crowdfunding and investment would be easy and people could use it to fund new tokens. The idea is to provide a structure for people who want to order their own tokens of for companies who are looking for support when launching an Initial Coin Offering.

This company has states that its token already has some following due to its strong and steady price and volume growth. All the decision of the token are made by the community, which creates a really decentralized ecosystem that does not only depend on the owner of the company to exist and, thus, people can be really empowered by being a part of it.

Interested In Knowing More About MasterBit?

If you are interested in MasterBit, you can visit the company’s site, and then you can learn a lot more about this company. Masterbit offers options for crowdfunding and for crowd investment for people who are willing to hold its tokens for profit.

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