MasterCard Looks to Capture the Crypto Wallet Market via New Blockchain Job Position Openings

MasterCard Looks to Capture the Crypto Wallet Market via New Blockchain Job Position Openings

  • The premier credit card operator recently posted three job leads online — including one opening for the role of Vice President (blockchain product management) and two for Directors of different departments.
  • The job descriptions seem to suggest that Mastercard is looking to create its very own crypto wallet solution that can rival FB’s ‘Calibra’ wallet.

A quick look at Mastercard’s digital jobs portal shows us that the global payments provider is currently looking to find three senior-level applicants who can lead the company’s various cryptocurrency-related efforts — with particular emphasis being laid on payments and wallets solutions. In regards to the matter, it bears mentioning that the available roles include:

  1. Director of Product Development & Innovation – blockchain solutions architect
  2. Director of Product Management – cryptocurrency/wallets
  3. Vice President Product Management.

The jobs will entail the employees to work in a “cross-functional team” that consists of a variety of different participants. Additionally, while Mastercard has still not revealed what its wallet solution will look like, the firm’s recent partnership with social media juggernaut Facebook seems to suggest that it might use this new opportunity to build its very own cryptocurrency wallet.

Mastercard is one of the 27 members that are currently part of Libra’s inaugural backing group. Members of FB’s Libra ecosystem will be given permission to devise their very own applications atop the firm’s native blockchain platform.

Using Libra’s framework, Mastercard might look to create an alternative wallet solution that can rival Facebook’s Calibra wallet offering. FB’s executive brass is seeking to capitalize on any opportunity that can potentially arise as a result of Libra being adopted en’ mass across the globe.

In closing out this piece, it should be pointed out that a large number of independent analysts and experts view Libra as being a potential disruptor of the global finance market — especially the payments sector that is currently dominated by Visa and Mastercard.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is also quite possible that these payments giants could make use of Libra’s framework to devise their very own remittance systems that are cheaper when compared to their existing platforms.

In addition to the three executive job roles that are currently available, Mastercard is also looking to hire a number of engineers and analysts with knowledge of blockchain technology.