What is MasterNodes.Online?

An ecosystem such as the Dash ecosystem is a two-tier, privacy-centric decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by a Sybil proof decentralized governance and funding system. A Masternode in such an ecosystem enables specialized functions such as enabling InstantSend, PrivateSend while in addition performing various other governance functions . MasterNodes.Online is a masternode coins comparison and masternodes monitoring platform.

MasterNodes.Online aims to address the problem of a dearth of platforms which provide clean, concise and accurate information on masternode coins comparison. There have been various complaints in the past within the Dash network of disappointed masternodes stakes owing to unrealistic expectations from trusting inaccurate sources. Their goal is to provide clean, concise and accurate data for masternode coins and masternode comparison.

A total of 38 masternode coins including Dash, Blocknet, Diamond, Vivo, Kore, PivX and details enabling comparison between coins are listed on the site. The listing includes Coin Name/Details, last traded price, change from 24 hours ago, volume traded in the last 24 hours, marketcap, annual return on investment of masternode (ROI), coins required to host a masternode, the value of masternode based on last traded price and percentage of the total market supply that is currently locked in masternode. There is also the option of being able to monitor masternodes.

Further, accessing the page of each coin also provides more in-depth details such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income, a graphical comparison, blockchain and price statistics. The page also contains links to the coin's website and hosting services and exchanges where the coin can be purchased.

Founders of MasterNodes.Online

  • Rumcajs(
  • Cryptosandwich(
  • Longestline(

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