In spite of the popularity of freelance marketplaces, more often these platforms are struggling against a number of challenges. However, blockchain technology is proving beneficial in ensuring the freelancing world makes its promises more realistic on the delivery of quality results in a decentralized way.

About MatchBx

MatchBx is a blockchain-powered freelance platform that will enable individuals to actively engage in seeking the open services of freelancers safely and securely. With the freelancing services in place, MatchBx will utilize the aXpire token as the cryptocurrency to facilitate the engagement of the services and other businesses.

Additionally, MatchBX will offer access to several online service providers through verified partnerships with reputable business. On the other hand, freelancers will work with the aXpire community through which they can offer their services, post services, and jobs. Furthermore, they can also use the AXP token to procure services that would not need huge transactions

How The AXpire Solution Works On MatchBx

aXpire aims to digitize the freelance workflow through a spend management system which will make data use more efficient to enable secure procurement of the services through MatchBX. The platform also facilitates a peer-to-peer exchange that creates autonomously track transactions which benefit the spending management reports. In a nutshell, freelancers will enjoy the data management solution with the front end of MatchBx.

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Benefits That Come With Using The Token

As a freelancing product based on the aXpire's ecosystem, MatchBX use of AXP token will offer an array of benefits to both participants within the blockchain freelancing world. Consequently, here is how MatchBx could change the freelance sector.

  • Removal of typical bureaucracy freelancers experience with the elimination of the centralized freelancing platforms
  • The AXP token allows for payment of services on MatchBX regardless of the amount whether bulk or miniature.
  • Reduction in the overall cost of the gig economy with the elimination of operational management
  • Facilitates the conversion of your freelancing work into a digital workflow to enable easier movement with your digital assets.
  • Provides a robust data analytics dashboard that enables tracking and management of your workload, client details, deadlines and works audit reports

Can Matchbx Achieve Freelancing Success?

With the huge number of ICOs within the freelancing industry, it is hard to tell if new platforms such as MatchBX would make a difference as they promise. However, the concept with AXP token is rather substantial and if done correctly it could make an easy transition for freelancing world to finally incentives their process without middlemen. The only challenge is for the platform to first gain a reputation and have a real value among the freelancers and employers alike. If they do overcome this, then the freelancing world could go sky high Getting the AXP tokens and its distribution

The TGE and presale make up 75% of the distribution which stands at 262 million tokens. That will comprise of a pre-sale supply of 30%, full sale offer of 40% and a referral program made up of 4% and the bounty program making up 1% of the available tokens. All this was back in January and February sales.

  • TGE – 262,500,000 AXP (up to 75%)
  • Ticker- AXP tokens
  • Hard Cap- 20 million USD
  • 1 AXP= $0.10
  • Advisors and Developers – 35 million AXP (10%)
  • Reserve – 35 million AXP (10%)
  • Bug Bounty – 17.5 million AXP (5%)

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