Blockchain Startup MaterialsZone to Develop A Science Based Platform

Science is the foundation of how we live, as it has been used to test several hypothesis and arrive to some conclusion as to why something is the way it is. Unfortunately, not all results are openly shared, as many researchers get very little acknowledgement, let alone a decent compensation. In addition, the lack of understanding and the possible alterations done without consent can increase fear in consumers. This is where MaterialsZone comes into play.

According to the claims made, MaterialsZone is a blockchain-based startup that plans to develop a platform in which scientists and researchers can publish their findings and works, while getting compensated for their efforts. The startup has successfully secured 1 million in investments with investment funds provider, Sarona Ventures.

Ultimately, the goal appears to largely revolve around ensuring that scientific research and its results are as precise and accurate as they can be. The blockchain technology will protect and manage data stored, while preventing any form of control to exist. Most importantly, the rightful owners of the publications will be listed.

Co-Founder and CEO of MaterialsZone, Dr. Assaf Anderson stresses the importance of materials science and how innovative technology can help to further develop what exists and to bring to light what has yet to be discovered. In particular, he shared that:

“Materials science is the most important driving force behind innovation and unlocking this data in order to accelerate the discovery of new materials is the key to new technologies and solutions.”

Anderson also expressed immense excitement in working alongside Sarona Ventures, as he strongly believes that they can help to “develop the MaterialsZone database and platform that will lead to new solutions and save thousands of experiments worldwide.”

In response, Founder and Chairman of Sarona Ventures, Phillippe Bouaziz trusts that the direction of path that MaterialsZone is pursuing will be “the most promising areas in the coming years.” He also added that Sarona Ventures investment in the startup reflects their key interest in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

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