What Is Matou?

The Matou Terminal is a community based digital asset trading platform with a consensus mechanism that aims at providing reliable and convenient blockchain services to its users worldwide. Matou combines coin mining with trading mining, bottom tray and repurchase strategy to ensure that its services are of top notch and not comparable to any platform offering similar services in the market today.

The Computing Power (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd developed Matou together with a professional international team that is responsible for the operation and creation of the project. The team has an extensive experience in controlling financial risk and the research and development of technology. The team is also committed to ensuring that the digital asset-trading platform is autonomous, efficient, and transparent.

Currently, Matou has operation areas in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, and Special Administrative Region of China and Wuhan, Hubei. However, in the future the terminal aims at establishing autonomous communities all around the world.

How Matou Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Works

Matou implements blockchain technology in order to ensure that transactions and assets are transparent and self-certifying without the need of intermediaries. Additionally, this technology will create a digital trading platform that is autonomous and fully efficient.

The Terminal Global Universal Points (MTB) is the power behind Matou. MTB is a point system with a basis of blockchain issuance and management. Users who purchase the MTB will be elevated to a Matou partner level. This means that they will have exclusive rights on the platform such as the ability to participate in the construction of the platform, decision-making, team elections and any other activities on the platform. MTB has other various use cases, which include:

  • Leveraging of discounts on the transaction fees and interest
  • Running the repurchase mechanism that maintains the value of MTB
  • MTB will be used as a mining reward for the holders of MTB and those who trade using the token
  • It will also be the accepted payment method by merchants on the platform
  • MTB will be used to vote for business directions to be undertaken by Matou
  • It will connect partners around the world through the Global Partner Program
  • MTB will be an investment value

Matou Benefits


Through its blockchain technology, which is a form of open ledger, Matou will offer its users with a distributed, open, and transparent autonomous community.


Matou is a community-based platform, which means that there is distribution of control among the users of the platform whereby all MTB holders have the opportunity to participate in the development of the platform and undertake any decision-making activities.


The platform implements Kernel level security system within the wallet. The security system requires multiple authentications in order to access any tokens stored within it. Therefore, unauthorized third parties cannot access any funds or information within the wallet.

High Performance

Matou has an advanced multi-layer and a multi-cluster system architecture design, which makes the platform a high performing trading system.

Matou MTB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: MTB
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MTB
  • ICO sale date: August 01 – August 15, 2018
  • Start Price: 1 MTB = 0.03053 USD
  • Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC

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