With the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, the world of money was completely revolutionized as the first cryptocurrency emerged. Years later, with the introduction of the Ethereum, the path for supporting complex blockchain business behaviors with cryptocurrencies was born.

What Is Matrix?

Matrix is a secure open-source blockchain platform that uses a range of machine learning tools on a smart contract platform to make the execution of smart contracts easier, safer, and even faster. Matrix uses infrastructure developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to revolutionize how the user interacts and makes use of a smart contracts blockchain platform.

There are a number of breakthrough technologies that the Matrix uses besides AI to develop such a highly flexible, adaptable, and self-optimized blockchain technology. The system that Matrix Chain developed is not only ideal for multi-chain collaboration, it also allows the user to use AI to optimize cryptocurrency mining as well as use serve AI-based big data apps.

Matrix AI Network Services For Crypto Features

The Matrix is designed and built to run on this new generation of smart contracts blockchain platform. It uses AI to resolve a range of problems that the Bitcoin platform does not address such as slow transaction speeds, the barriers to smart contract programming, security, and rigidity when it comes to updating and managing blockchains.

The Matrix uses fast-growing AI technologies to ensure that their platform is easier to use since everyone even without programming knowledge can design smart contracts. The blockchain is also safer and more robust because it has AI code to protect it from malicious attacks.

Another great feature of the Matrix Chain is that it is easier to use because it enables faster transaction processing along with high processing thorough put. The system itself is designed to be more flexible which allows seamless integration with private and public chains and it is capable of adaptive optimization. The platform uses an intelligence contract system with a potential capacity 350 times higher than that of Ethereum.

The Matrix Chain blockchain uses a unique hybrid PoW and PoS mechanism to reward users with matrix coins (MAN) as they use the system in their personal and business transactions. Due to its random nature, the currency on the blockchain is best mined on a dedicated stochastic hardware. As the company heads towards an ICO, the official price of each Matrix coin (MAN) is US $0.36 but the official exchange rate will be quoted at a later date.

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