Mavatar mCart Token ICO

What is Mavatar?

This is the claimed streamlined path to buying everything you need from one single platform that uses blockchain technology.

How Does Mavatar Work?

Mavatar is replacing brick and mortar establishments apparently. From the time of purchase to the fulfillment process, the entire process is very scattered and fragmented with unnecessary side paths and distractions. Making even the easiest decisions when shopping can be one of the most challenging experiences.

Consumers must learn how to navigate across different platforms with a bunch of windows open, apps and even other devices. The process leaves a lot of people frustrated and they simply walk away buying nothing.

The Mavatar mCart affiliate sales system is said to change how sales and shopping is one. It will effectively turn carts into smart, effective channels that can be used to manage monetized carts. And at the same time, they can speed up the experience for the customer. It is promised to improve the entire shopping experience and is all based on blockchain technology.

Along with that, the platform will increase sales for sellers. The speediness and ease of use will ensure that the customers walk away buying something and being happy. All ads used in any content marketing with the system will also be relevant to each other. They’ll basically match the right retailer with the right content marketer. And at the same time reach out to influencers and other avenues to reach the right customers.

Cryptocurrency will be the reward that influencers get when promoting products. Shoppers will as well when they can verify a completed transaction. The system also promises to be able to handle millions of micro settlements at one time.

MCart will be the hyper fast retail discovery and tracking tool as well as help move customers to making a purchase. Retailers, malls, markets, brands and agencies can all use the system to gain proper attention from influencers. It will help drive sales and incentivize marketing efforts. It will also give shoppers a seamless shopping experience that will keep them coming back while boosting sales.

The platform also has an admin console that is ideal for building customer relationships. It also gives the user tools for editing and analytics plus marketing and sales. They use the latest tech to ensure it keeps up to date and doesn’t have any faults. There are other applications as well that are being released soon and will help users with different metrics.

Details Regarding the Mavatar mCart Token ICO

The company is still in early stages of development as not much information about the ICO has been released. Keep your eyes open and there will likely be something released soon enough.

Who is Behind Mavatar?

At this point there is no information on the team or founders who started the platform.

Mavatar mCart Token ICO Conclusion

It’s still too early to tell how they will do. And without info on who’s running the program, it’s hard to say how trustworthy everything it. It’s best to simply keep a watchful eye on the platform and see how their mCart plays out.

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