Mavin is a reward-based influencer marketing system built on blockchain technology. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Mavin?

Mavin, found online at, aims to make everybody an influencer through a reward-based ecosystem. The pre-sale and token sale for MVN tokens is underway throughout November and December.

Overall, the goal of Mavin is to connect anyone with brands and companies, allowing them to become a valuable influencer.

Today’s “influencer” community is growing. You don’t have to look far on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media to find people taking advantage of their social media celebrity status. Anyone with more than a few thousand followers can be an influencer – some brand, somewhere is going to pay you to promote their product.

So far, this influencer ecosystem is reserved mostly for people who, you know, have “influence” on social media. Mavin aims to create a platform where anyone can become an influencer. Mavin refers to these smaller influencers as “micro” and “nano” influencers.

Let’s take a closer look at how Mavin works.

How Does Mavin Work?

Mavin aims to connect three parties together through a decentralized ecosystem. Those parties include the influencer, the marketer, and the human verifier. Here’s how each one interacts with the platform:


Mavin allows anyone to become an influencer – not just the well-known and famous people, but also ordinary people. These people can get a slice of a brand’s marketing budget by getting paid for social media mentions directly.


Marketers can participate in Mavin to reach “micro and nano influencers”. To date, these influencers have been too heterogenous to efficiently target. These smaller influencers may have a smaller audience of followers; however, in many cases, this audience is more engaged. Think of someone recommending a product to their tight circle of friends and family compared to a reality TV star advertising anti-aging skin cream on Instagram.

Human Verifiers:

Human verifiers are the third and final party involved in the Mavin ecosystem. Human verifiers can earn money through Mavin even if they’re not participating as an influencer. They help the platform ensure high quality standards, then collect compensation for their work.

Mavin Features And Benefits

Some of the core advertised features and benefits of the Mavin ecosystem include:


Mavin claims to be 10x cheaper thanks to the reduced intermediaries involved in blockchain technology. Mavin’s blockchain-based micro-payment structure is cost-efficient compared to traditional payment gateways.

Instant Payouts:

Users no longer have to wait to make a “minimum amount” before withdrawing profits from the platform. Profits are deposited instantly to your wallet. Mavin has no minimum amounts.

Quality Verification System:

Mavin has a quality verification system that combines artificial intelligence with human verification. This leads to higher quality social media mentions and more relevant content.

Global Influencer Marketplace:

Mavin aims to start with a small and diverse target marketplace. However, their eventual goal is to connect marketers with nano and micro influencers around the world, building on its global and scalable platform.

How Does Mavin’s Quality Verification System Work?

Mavin’s quality verification system consists of two components, including AI and human verification:

AI Verification:

This is the first level of Mavin’s verification system. Artificial intelligence frameworks from IBM and Google verify content on Mavin’s platform.

Human Verification:

This is Mavin’s second level of verification. Mavin’s users verify content distributed through the platform.

The resulting quality verification score is added to every assessment and every social media mention. Social media mentions are assessed based on things like image quality, brand visibility, creativity, and product visibility, as well as the hashtags posted with that image. Users rate each measurement on a slider.

The end result of this verification system is a higher quality, more accurate rating of every social media mention on the platform.

The Mavin ICO

The Mavin ICO begins with a pre-ICO from October 30 to November 19, during which investors can get bonuses of 20% to 40%. The main ICO is scheduled for November 22 to December 16.

There’s a total supply of 4 billion (4,000,000,000) MVN tokens. 60% of those tokens (2.4 billion) are being distributed through the ICO. The tokens are standard ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mavin has set a minimum funding goal of 3,000 ETH, along with a soft cap of 40,000 ETH and a hard cap of 80,000 ETH.

Of the remaining total supply, 18% is retained by the Mavin core team, 2% is distributed for bounties and partners, and 20% is retained in the influencer reward pool to incentivize participation in the ecosystem.

Who’s Behind Mavin?

The idea for Mavin was formed in early 2017. Key members of the team include Daniel Jazbec (CEO and Project Lead), a certified IT specialist with extensive financial and marketing experience. Other key members include Giovanni Toma (CTO and Technical Lead), Roman Balzan (CMO and Communications Lead), and Silvan Baumann (CXO and User Experience Lead).

Mavin is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mavin Conclusion

Today’s influencer market is growing rapidly. Brands are dedicating an increasing portion of their advertising to influencers. Mavin aims to tap into a part of the influencer market that’s been under-utilized: the “nano” and “micro” influencer market. Using Mavin, anyone can become an influencer. Marketers can access smaller influencers to target specific niche groups of customers. These influencers might have smaller audiences, but they often have more engaged audiences.

The Mavin ICO is underway throughout November and December. To learn more about Mavin and MVN tokens, visit the platform online today at

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