The entertainment industry is a multi billion dollar enterprise, and is currently experiencing a massive growth boom. This dramatic increase in profitability, however, unfortunately only impacts a select group of people in the highest echelons of the industry. In most typical feature films, more than 60% of the total budget is reserved for directors and key actors, with very little left to the production crew.

The current distribution paradigm is also heavily restricted and controlled, with content producers either unable to break into a tightly regulated ecosystem, or unable to profit from distribution of their content due to high middle man fees from content delivery platforms.

An upcoming blockchain based platform aims to change this by launching a decentralized film industry model. The Mavo Token project is currently establishing an initial coin offering that will generate the funds necessary to launch a highly disruptive new method of content creation of distribution.

In this article, we’ll assess the Mavo Token platform and find out how it works, as well as assessing the upcoming Mavo Token ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth getting on board with.

What is Mavo?

Mavo aims to create a new, open video playback platform in a similar manner to Netflix or other popular video streaming platforms. The Mavo project, however, aims to reward both filmmakers and creators fairly while at the same time allowing viewers to exert democratic control over the type of content they’d like to see.

The Mavo platform will operate through the use of Mavo tokens, or MVT, which will allow creators, viewers, and advertisers to create a better, balanced, and more efficient model for the film industry. The blockchain based nature of the Mavo platform offers a number of benefits for all participants in the industry- viewers, for example, will be able to access a highly diverse range of content and reward content creators directly.

Advertisers, on the other hand, will be able to target a larger audience, and exert a higher level of control over the demographics that their products and services are presented to. The Mavo platform will utilize smart contracts to create an additional layer of security and trust, securing licensing, sharing, streaming, and governance.

Content viewed on the Mavo platform will generate MVT, which will then be distributed to the production team, directors, producers, and scriptwriter, or virtually anybody else involved in the creation or production process via smart contract.

The primary purpose of the Mavo platform is to establish an equitable and fair architecture in the film industry that will create a balanced economy, benefiting all parties involved. In addition to providing filmmakers and production teams with a new platform to distribute film media, the Mavo platform also aims to distribute a variety of other content, including short films, live streams, concerts, variety shows, and more.

The Mavo white paper outlines a tiered structure of subscription, with free members able watch DVD-quality content by consuming advertising media in addition to regular content. Premium members are able to view ad-free content in 1080p with a small deposit of MVT.

Mavo is backed by some of the largest names in the film industry, such as Jack Lee and iconic film producer Mario Kassar, who has commented on the potential of the platform:

“The MAVO team is talented, full of energy and dynamic. I have full confidence in the team in fulfilling the aspirations of this dynamic platform”

The Mavo Token ICO

In order to generate the capital necessary to launch their project, Mavo will be conducting a token crowdsale. The Mavo token pre-sale is set to launch on the 28th of November 2017, but no specifics regarding the total number of tokens to be released are yet available.

The Mavo white paper provides a concise breakdown of the project roadmap, which is divided into three separate stages, beginning with the launch of the Mavo platform and ending with original film production, film investment, and mass marketing.

MAVO Verdict

The Mavo project has joined the ranks of a number of initial coin offerings targeting the bloated and centralized film and entertainment industry, but stands out due to a high level of publicity and strong celebrity and filmmaker endorsement.

If you’re interested in supporting the decentralization of the film industry, Mavo is definitely worth a closer look.

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