What Is Mavro?

Why are people paying attention to this new cryptocurrency? First of all, Mr. Sergei Mavrodi is considered infamous by many people in the space. He may not be popular in the West, but to anyone from Russia or the Ukrain he is very well known. He was the leader of the largest pyramid scheme in the country.

During the 1990s it was a tough time, the Soviet Union Fell and there were a lot of people looking to make money. The situation was dangerous for anyone because people were selling Ponzi schemes without warning from the MMM group. Sergei attempted his hand at many businesses, even that of the stock brokers and other tech companies but in the end, it was the MMM group that had all the luck.

And when the cryptocurrencies became popular on a worldwide scale, Sergei decided that he would play his hand into the company as well. It was a new industry and there was the potential for a lot of fast money that anyone could make.

And that is where Mavro came from, it’s currently in the ICO stage of development and is also basically a MLM company, very similar to the Ponzi schemes Sergei is used to.

How Does Mavro Affiliate Program Work?

The coin is apparently an old asset by the present talk around the industry. But this is likely to change very rapidly as there is said to be change of coins after the ICO. The plan developed by the project is to change the MLM industry, but this is a big red flag. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency with a MLM setup is already proven to be very dangerous grounds for anyone to get involved with.

For one thing, before the ICO was even completed, the previous token was being traded on an exchanged known as YoBit. It was a newly developed company, that you could list pretty much any currency on. Also, the other thing is, the present token had a pump and dump that happened very recently.

There is also trading happening on a daily basis against the company that is happening at about 0.2 BTC. But according to the test, it proves that one day it could occur at a much bigger number than currently happening. The token is already very unstable, enough to which it could distort market operations.

The older token is worthless, and it’s been talked about by several industry leaders. It also looks like there is at least a portion of the tokens that never were able to be exchanged. The company made a lot of promises, but they didn’t seem to hold up by any means. They were exchanged for ERC20 coins, which ended up hurting a lot of people who had instead purchased bitcoins. The company has also attempted several exits from the industry.

Even though they weren’t operating with BTC, it looks like a bunch of people who founded the company still ended up becoming rich from it. It mostly happened while they were being traded to pay for the MLM Ponzi Scheme.

Mavro MVR ICO Details

The coin is just another scam. Working with the ICO on different social media links. And the project had a checkered past at best. It claims to have grown fast, but it was ultimately a company that even the government had issues with enough to shut them down.

Is Mavro Legit?

According to any of the reports you can find online, they all report that it’s a pure scam. They only seem to be looking to collect Ether and BTC to make money. And the founder has already been proven to commonly start pyramid schemes.

The project looks more like BitConnect, NeoConnect, RegalCoin and several other companies that have already been proven to be total scams.

Mavro Conclusion

There have already proven to be a ton of several companies that are scams. Like mentioned before, it comes down to a lot of hype and empty promises and companies being ran by people who are looking to make money off the gullible and naive.

It’s a good idea to stay away from Mavro Coin, as the token isn’t backed by anything. And anyone who invest in it, is more likely than not going to get ripped off.

Also, a lot of people think that investing in a ICO is a good idea, which can be true. But the chances of making money with new cryptocurrencies is rare. Most people who are getting into this space are looking for an easy route, unfortunately that’s not a realist way to make money.

If you’re looking to make money in the cryptocurrency world, it’s much wiser to take your time, study and choose a legit currency that isn’t anything like Mavro.

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