MaxBull Coin MBULL ICO Review

What is Maxbull Coin MBULL?

Maxbull Coin is another cryptocurrency platform in pre-ICO. It’s also another one of the shady looking platforms that is likely just a way for a small group of people to make a lot of money off of naïve investors.

Even though the group gives information on the team, they use a lot of ambiguous language on the company website that doesn’t go into detail about what the system is really about. We can take a look into this a little deeper and you can decide for yourself if the company is right for you.

Plus, if we really want to take a look at the team – none of them have real LinkedIn Accounts, and their social media accounts are all brand new, filled with nothing but promotions and the team has no friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. They look to be obvious spam accounts that are only there to fool wood-be investors. Basically, be careful before you rush off to invest into MaxBull Coin MBULL.

How Does Maxbull Coin Work?

The company claims to be the next generation investment destination. But what that means isn’t exactly clear. In fact, they seem to be more of a platform just looking to push another ICO. The infrastructure of Max Bull Coin is also said to be a revolutionary platform, that makes up the company.

Here are some of the ambiguous benefits they claim to give users:

  • Applied Advanced Technology – This said to be Future-Proof tech that is designed to work with the best resources available online. But that doesn’t really mean much, without more info that is kind of a useless bunch of wording.
  • Big Data – They claim to bridge the gap from data management to technology. Unfortunately, that is the same type of language used across the industry with a lot of other shady companies that are ripping people off.
  • SSL – The company also claims to be completely secure and protected as one of the fastest networks within a cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • AI Integration – The integration of artificial intelligence is promised to help unlock better things within the robust technology that is clearly unknown or undescribed.
  • Idea Driven Platform – Each of the implementations of the system is said to be done through a wide range of mining ideas. Again, they don’t really say what these ideas are or how they can benefit the user.
  • Low Fees – There is said to be lower payment fees due to the increased use of efficiency of management. This doesn’t mean a whole lot without more information.
  • No Barriers – They promise to accept barriers without borders or barriers. What does this mean though? A little more information is needed to show the value of this.
  • Delivering Digital Transformation – They also claim they will give users comprehensive portfolios for all different levels of service. What exactly will these portfolios involve is still a mystery.
  • Disruptive Force – They claim they are going to change the world in regard to how people invest with Bitcoin. A clear red flag that is used by many shady pre-ICO companies trying to make money.

What is the ICO on Maxbull Coin?

That is still in development. Unfortunately, their roadmap promises a lot, but doesn’t really go into detail about their blockchain technology. And that is one of the biggest red flags a company can put out there. Blockchain technology is everything, but these guys are not very transparent about how their company will operate. It’s best advised to stay away from their ICO.

Who is Behind Maxbull Coin?

The team looks great, but further inspection shows they are likely just a bunch of fakes. When going to certain Facebook pages, they are either unavailable or go to obviously fake profiles that are brand new and have no friends or real posts. This is likely because of people becoming more aware of the fact a company who doesn’t have a real team is likely a fraud.

Also, if you look into the location of the company – it’s easy to see they don’t give any information on where the team is from. It’s a clear case of a fake team, fake company and fraud looking to rip people off.

If you’ve bee in the cryptocurrency space, you already know what to look out for in terms of fraudulent companies. And in the case, they have a lot of red flags that clearly dictates to stay away from them.

MaxBull Coin MBULL ICO Conclusion

Stay away from Maxbull, they are clearly a fake company that will be taking money from naïve investors. Always be careful sending money to anyone online who doesn’t disclose their information. Especially when the money is in the form of an anonymous digital currency.

Instead, find a company that has a solid reputation or at the very least discloses information with total transparency.

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