MaxData MXD ICO Review

It is a pretty well known fact that digital giants such as Google, Yahoo track our internet activity on a day to day basis. Not only that, but even the overall cost of the internet service economy has risen quite substantially within the past decade.

MaxData is an all new crypto platform that has been designed specifically for the purpose of ‘automating the service economy’, and presenting consumers with pertinent services that can help bring down unnecessary advertising and marketing costs.

From a functional standpoint we can see that MaxData helps its users acquire a wide array of services such as

  • Broadband Internet Connections
  • Utility Payment Tools
  • Insurance Policies
  • Financial Plans

All of the aforementioned services are delivered at the lowest possible price with the simple click of a button.

More About MaxData MXD

MaxData provides users with a platform that allows customers to directly connect with businesses without the use of any middlemen. Some of the other key aspects of the service include:

(i) Market Research:

Users are able to access a wide array of market research data when they sign up for this platform.

(ii) Reduced Marketing Costs:

Since there is a “direct link” established between the customer and the seller, unwanted costs related to marketing, processing fees can be completely eliminated.

(iii) Safety:

Though the use of encrypted walls and other useful security protocols, Max Data is able to protect its users from third party infringers and data trackers.

(iv) Reduced Cost of Living:

By streamlining access to a wide array of daily services, Max Data can help reduce regular living expenses for the common man.

How Does This All Work?

To start off with, a user is required to supply a host of pertinent information indicating their service needs and conditions. All of this information is encrypted and stored in the form of digital blocks within the crypto network.

Once all of the the pertinent data has been inputted into the system, the Max Data Matchmaking system starts the process of finding the products that are best suited for us. It is also important to mention that all of this data is on the blockchain (albeit anonymously).

The platform then pushes all of the processed data-sets to service providers and then uses an algorithm to find us the perfect SP as per our needs.

Token Details

The Max Data ecosystem makes use of a currency called MXD to facilitate all internal transactions. In terms of their pricing structure, we can see that 1 MXD = $0.10 USD.

MaxData MXD ICO Token Allocation Scheme:

  • 50% of all MXD coins are available to potential investors for purchase.
  • 20% of the tokens will be reserved on behalf of the company itself.
  • The remaining 30% of MXD will be split between Max Data team members and the founders.

MaxData MXD Budget Allocation:

  • 37% of all raised revenue will be used to promote the Max Data platform to a larger audience, especially in North America and Europe.
  • A large 38% will be used to fund the Web and Cloud hosting apps that have been outlined on the official company roadmap.
  • 16% will be used for paying governance and compliance costs.
  • The remaining 9% will be used to pay for salaries and cover for administrative charges.

It is also worth mentioning that nearly 2,000,000 MXD tokens are being given away by the founders through a variety of different bounty programs.

For any other details, users can get in touch with company officials via Telegram.


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