MaxPay Coin

Today our review will be about a new company called MaxPay Coin. This company presents itself as a cryptocurrency trading that will make your life easier.

It says that it is a UK registered company which will enable you to get a stable growth and achieve great quick returns if you decide to invest in the company. Also, MaxPay Coin states that it uses SSL EV encryption to resist DDoS attacks and be always safe for the customer.

If you have been on cryptocurrency market for a while, there is a point that you will easily perceive while looking at MaxPay Coin’s site. This company has many of the marks of what is commonly known as a High Yield Investment Program, a HYIP for short.

What Is MaxPay Coin?

While MaxPay Coin definitely talks about “trading cryptocurrency” on the site, the fact is that you will not be touching any cryptocurrency if you use it. What you make is an investment using fiat currency that will (allegedly) give you a return on investment in fiat currency.

There is no way to be sure that this company is, in fact, using cryptocurrency to get profits and distributing them back to you. Because of the high returns that you will get for using MaxPay Coin and the speed of these returns, along with the fact that you are not dealing directly with cryptocurrencies, you can definitely consider MaxPay Coin a HYIP.

MaxPay Coin Cryptocurrency Trading Investment Plans

MaxPay Coin offers the following investment plans:

  • Silver: $50 to $300 USD; daily returns of 1% daily for 200 days;
  • Gold: $350 to $750 USD; daily returns of 1.25% daily for 175 days;
  • Platinum: $750 to $3,000 USD; daily returns of 1.5% daily for 150 days;
  • Diamond: $3,050 to $10,000 USD; daily returns of 2.1% daily for 100 days.

The company also has an affiliate program, so you can earn a 15% commission if you register with MayPay Coin and get some customers for the company. Each time one of them invests, you receive the amount of money equal to 15%.

Is MaxPay Coin A Scam?

This is a hard question to answer, but we believe that the chances of MaxPay Coin being a scam are, indeed, very high. If you look at the site with attention, you might perceive that you cannot find much information about the company and that it states that it is a company in the United Kingdom but its address is in Beverly Hills, California, which you probably know that it is in the United States.

The site also somewhat inconsistent and it has typos, which are other important red flags. All of this lead us to believe that MaxPay Coin is a scam.

MaxPay Coin Conclusion

Should you invest in a company that has about 90% of chance of being a scam? The question almost answers itself automatically. Of course, you should not. That is why you should look for an investment more legitimate than MaxPay Coin seems to be. We do not believe that this company will pay the money that it promises to its clients.

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