Mazebits claims to be the premier digital investment platform that has been incorporated into a decentralized, fast, peer to peer and simple to use platform that has extremely low transaction fees. All the features an investor is looking for but is this the platform you should get into is the question you should ask yourself before getting lured with such colorful words.

The colorful words will lure you as an investor, but as you look through the company website, it does not provide you with much information on how they will make you succeed. A company that does not go the extra mile in providing adequate information on the strategies and systems they have put in place is definitely one you should stay clear, as it is a clear indication they do not know what they are getting into.

About Mazebits MZBC Crypto Investment Liquidity Pool

The MAZEBITS has also designed a token referred to as MZBC, one that they claim can be exchanged for the BTC with the use of their internal exchange. Being a new coin in the volatile market is one you should think twice before purchasing it. The company also claims that listing on the public cryptocurrency exchange is the next step they will take on, something we should first wait and see.

The company has also designed an investment liquidity pool that claims to provide the various investors to earn a guaranteed income once they have donated to the pool. The donations are used in trading, and the returns that are made will be distributed on a prorated basis. But with this volatile market income cannot be guaranteed and since the company has not put in place other investment strategies in place can be a worrying thing.

Mazebits Conclusion

The MAZEBITS platform still has a long way to go, the first thing they should put in place is proper investment strategies that will be able to provide the promised returns they have in place. From us, we advise to stay clear first and watch how the platform plays out in this ever-changing market.

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