MB8 Token

What Is MB8 Token?

MB8 Coin will be used as fuel for the existing loyalty rewards network. This coin will be the main crypto coin in the existing network of vendors and retailers. The network has 2100 participating organizations int.

The company behind this coin, Multibuy, has been running their rewards system since 2005. While they have been quite successful, the existing rewards system can be quite costly to run in some cases. This is especially so when it comes to expanding and scaling on an international level. On the international stage, central distribution and support become quite labor-intensive. Besides that, it exposes the system to fraud and abuse because of its sheer size.

Why Is MB8 Switching From Eurocredit Plus?

The EuroCredit Plus rewards system has already proven to be quite a success. It was a great opportunity to utilize the benefits offered by the blockchain. By replacing the closed system reward model, the platform wants to expand to new markets. To achieve this, they will leverage the blockchain. The transition will allow them to expand and enhance the benefits that participants enjoy.

Upon its launch, the Eurocredit Plus rewards platform will be closed to new participants. The rewards will be switched with the MB8 Coin. This coin will become the fuel for the loyalty rewards network. It is going to be the first crypto that is released with a proven real-world use. This coin is going to be utilized for all payments within the network of retailers and vendors.

MB8 Token MultiBuy Crypto Travel & Holiday Coin Advantages

The developers of this coin were in search of a technology that could provide them more security and openness to the reward network. Early tests have shown that this innovation is ideal for supplanting the existing arrangement. By creating their own chain, it permits them to control, mix, support appropriation and extending the network.

The use of the blockchain will make it possible to streamline scaling and save money on operating expenses. The main advantages of changing to a digital coin are:

  • By working to secure the network, you can get 5% annual development as some extra tokens.
  • Ability to reveal the real value generation since the tokens will be traded on crypto exchanges.
  • Ability to attract new organizations, vendors, and occasion areas to the rewards system network

MB8 Token Mobile App

Multibuy released its first mobile app towards the end of 2017. It plans to enable clients to find and become associated with accomplices that utilize the MB8 Coin. The app is connected to a prepaid check card that can also be used as the MB8 Coin wallet. This app can be used to send and get coins by retailers, crypto traders, and people.

MB8 Token ICO Details

  • Token Name: MB8 Coin
  • Token Ticker: MB8
  • Token Algorithm: X13
  • Verification Type: Proof of Stake (POS)
  • Token Class: Utility Token
  • Segwit Ready: Yes
  • Main Distribution: Via ICO
  • Total Supply: One Billion MB8 Token
  • Coins available via ICO: 550,000,000 MB8
  • Initial Value: 1 MB8Coin = 1 EURO
  • POS Maturity: 4 Hrs

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