The blockchain technology has been flooded with numerous investment opportunities, in fact, every given day there is a new investment opportunity that pops up promising investors the next best thing. Therefore, we understand it can get overwhelming at times, but if you are looking for a decentralized professional network, then we recommend you have a look at this MBYS platform.

What You Need To Know About The MBYS

The platform has been designed in a manner that it gives users complete privacy, plus you also have the option of selling your professional data directly to other companies. In 2017 employers have paid roughly $2.4 billion in order to access the online professional networking profiles.

And at times these users don’t know who exactly is buying their data, and also they don’t get any reward, but with the MBYS platform, all this will change.

ombys homepage

The platform has been designed as a professional networking platform for the decentralized world. What makes this platform different is that users have complete autonomy in the customization of their settings, dictating who can view their data and also have the ability to receive rewards for sharing their data.

But this is not all as the company has developed a MESH token, this is referred to as the Mutual Exchange Service Hash. It is the token that is serving as the official currency on this platform. So this means, while on the platform you will receive MESH tokens for virtually all the activities that you do.

Activities such as staking the tokens in order to validate the profiles or just when you sell your data to the companies that come on the platform.

How It All Works

While on the platform the users are able to make MBYS profiles that will undergo two levels of encryption, this is to ensure the non-sensitive information that is provided is secure. This is like your first name and the highly sensitive information like your date of birth and current location. The user data is then encrypted and stored with the BigChainDB across various storage nodes that have been hosted on the network.

The profile data that is stored on the MBYS platform is released to the other users through networking or to the companies that come on the platform through data sales; this is by efficiently executing an off chain key exchange.

So essentially on the platform, you are able to sell your talent data to companies, build an effective professional network, and all this is possible thanks to the secure privacy platform.

For the company to get the needed data, they will need to pay tokens for the data request. From the amount that is paid 50% is sales to the user, 40% indirectly through the networking and the 10% goes to the MBYS platform. From this distribution, it is evident that the platform is looking out for its users. The MBYS network will confirm the transactions within a few minutes.

Our Take On The MBYS Platform

The MBYS has made it very simple for users to create their profile and secure their data, unlike other platforms. It has also ensured that users are able to gain from the data they provide thanks to the MESH token. It is clearly a move in the right direction as users are able to earn from information they provide.

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