Mbyz Token

With the increased popularity in cryptocurrencies ordinary users might find it hard to engage in the digital world because they might lack the deep knowledge in financial or computer technology required in the field.

Without such knowledge it becomes technically impossible for the users to revalue and extend benefits since a giant gap exists between what was considered to be two worlds of financial knowledge. This is because the regular users’ capacity for massification is seen as far-fetched in the eyes of the general public.

The general idea is to create applications to permit the effective exchange of goods and services, without adding costs for the financial speculation.

And this is where Mbyz comes in.

What Is Mbyz?

Mbyz.io is a platform that seeks to create a community of users and disseminators of knowledge in the crypto world, while making use of technological applications for reliable and efficient exchange of goods and services.

The Mbyz platform does not necessarily focus on financial intermediary solutions. It offers an intermediary solution for the realization of commercial relationships that allows users and merchants can safeguard their assets.

It allows P2P users, through the solution type APP available for all types of devices, to interact by using cryptocurrencies that they have already acquired to exchange goods and services. Mbyz prides itself in not only being an application but also a platform oriented to share benefits with all participants.

Mbyz Token Decentralized Payment System With Shared Benefits

The shared benefits that participants have access to on the platform can be described as individual and collective participation.

Under Individual participation, the shared benefits entail:

  • Promotion of social network
  • Translation of documents
  • Preparation of articles or blogs

These will allow users to participate on entertainment videos, generate content according to videos and their content will gain validation and acceptance of the community. The users will also be in a position to select the language of their choice and translate content according to videos. The platform also allows users to write articles about the solution according to availed videos.

On the other hand, the platform offers the following shared benefits under collective participation.

  • Memberships for businesses
  • Provide Courses and Trainings
  • Direct sale of advertising
  • Administration of Regions

Users will get certification as commercial agents that will enable them capture new businesses and zones of influence. Users will have access to schedules as the platform offers on-site training's. The available courses and training's will grant participants certification of technical or commercial expertise.

The users will also receive certification on marketing of the application. They will gain knowledge that will help them to capture clients’ objectives and develop commercial plans. Finally, the participant will gain certification as an administrator or technician and can engage in activities with the representatives of the zones.

Mbyz Token ICO Details

The pre-sale period is designed to allow the pre-selection of users who have influence in their community, to allow them to be prepared and certified to act as representatives of the application globally. This will allow them to be the first participants in the program from their communities.

Mbyz will issue tokens during its upcoming ICO based on the ERC 20 protocol of the Ethereum network. The maximum number of the tokens allowed is capped at 400,000,000 valued at $100,000,000.

Token Distribution

  • % of tokens for Presale and ICO 55%
  • % of tokens held as reserve in deposit 25%
  • % of tokens for founders 12%
  • % of tokens for program of benefits 3%

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