There are endless possibilities for investment right now and you have to know which ones are the best if you want to make a good profit. The cryptocurrency market is booming with opportunities, so you will not have a better time to invest like today.

To nail the best investments, though, you will have to be well informed about the market and know the companies that are having Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Fortunately, we can help you with that. We review the best investments so won’t have to do it yourself.

Today we are going to review a company called MCPay.

What Is MCPay?

MCPay is a company that wants to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies. The company wants to provide services like the immediate calculation of currencies within different accounts in the same electronic wallet; remitting any type of currency, independently if they are fiat currency or cryptocurrencies, to other users’ wallets anywhere in the world.

Basically, one could say that MCPay offers what could be described as banking services, but the company does not want to be called a “bank” because banks have been proved unreliable in the past, MCPay states.

How Does MCPay Work?

The company will use blockchain technology and many other technologies like SSL-encryption, biometrics, decentralized accounting, open API, smart contracts and a specialized artificial intelligence to ensure that the users will be safe using MCPay’s products and that every transaction will happen smoothly.

MCPay promises its users that they will get everything that they cannot find in banks: cash transactions that are actually simple, real financial confidentiality and more security using cryptocurrency.

How To Invest In MCPay?

To invest in MCPay, you will have to buy their tokens. They will be sold during the ICO, which will begin on January 1. The ICO will last about a month, so you will have to program yourself to buy their tokens at the cheapest price (they will be cheaper if you buy them soon). 90% of the tokens will be sold to investors. If all the tokens are sold out, the sale ends.

To buy the tokens you will have to use ETH, so if you have other cryptocurrencies like BTC or LTC, you will have to exchange them before you can buy the tokens from the company. The price per token was still not divulged at the time of this report, but you will probably pay less if you buy them soon.

The tokens will equal shares in the company. 100% of the tokens will equal 20% of the dividends of the company.

The MCPay Verdict

Is MCPay the right investment for you? It seems like this could be a decent investment. While it is not clear how much success this company will have in the end, as there is a great number of companies offering banking services (even if MCPay does not name them that, it is what they are), and only a few of them can be really successful.

On the positive side, the company seems pretty legit and there are no red flags to be found on their ICO’s site. So if you liked their service and you believe in this company, there is no reason not to invest in them.

Also, the company pays dividends, so their tokens can earn you a good quantity of money yearly, what could make them a great investment if the company actually achieves a high level of success, which is what it hopes.

Feel free to invest in this company. You will probably be making a nice investment.

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