What Is MCV-CAP?

MCV-CAP is going to combine traditional banking with the innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The traditional banking has features such as collection and standing orders, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and salary accounts. The blockchain brings benefits such as free payment, anonymity, real-time banking, advanced security, and much more.

By combining the features of traditional banking with those of the blockchain, crypto will become accessible to the common person. It will ensure that purchase at your local store, butchery, textile shop, online store, collection and standing order for gas, rent, electricity, and local taxes, will all be possible in both fiat and crypto. The aim is to make this capability accessible globally, regardless of wealth status, origin, or other circumstance.

Who Is Behind MCV-CAP?

The MCV-CAP is not just made up of blockchain experts. It also comprises of wealth management and banking experts. These experts have proven experience in building a profitable wealth management and banking business. They will utilize the best technology and the most effective sales channel on this platform. Besides that, they discovered that the blockchain would be important for banking early.

Issues MCV-CAP Seeks To Solve

Because of the financial crisis, it would not be opportune in the banking sector to be client oriented. They also discovered that reluctant compliance managers were hampering adoption of the blockchain. Thus, technological innovation was not being pursued and budgets were too tiny to assess the possible opportunities.

This eventually caused a resistance to crypto and to clients using them. Since KYC did not exist in the crypto world, the community has become stigmatized and accused of being money launderers. In some cases, clients have even had their accounts shut down.

The MCV-CAP Blockchain Cryptocurrency Bank Solution

However, the solution is quite easy. The KYC can be performed using the blockchain. Thus, the blockchain is going to make any transactions easier, faster, and less expensive. Besides that, it will allow the implementation of cheaper products. It will also make it possible to meet the demands of clients and partners easier. The MCV group has the solutions that will allow the blockchain to combine with the banking sector. Soon everyone will realize how much easier banking could be.


MCV-CAP MCV Token & ICO Details

The MCV token will be the voucher for the future BCB4U coin. The BCB4U coin is going to be issued once the banking license has been approved. Each MCV token is equal to 4 BCB4U coins. The bank management will determine the date of generation for the BCB4U coins once the license is approved.

The BCB4U coin will be used for the loyalty program, internal bank products, millions of small and large cashback transactions will be executed using the BCB4U coin. Eventually, it will make it the most used coin in the world.

  • Token Name:MCV
  • Public ICO price: 0.39 USD
  • June 21- August 20
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 MCV
  • Tokens sold at ICO : 50%
  • Minimum purchase: 100 MCV
  • Softcap: 3 million USD
  • Hardcap 106.6 million USD

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