Mea is a company from Norway that has created a new service: MeaWallet. MEA is a digital payment platform that offers a vast range of digital services like secure remote commerce, HCE and PEM Pays and tokenization of digital assets.

This platform was created to support different ways of payment and transactions. It also has the potential to enable card digitization to any wallet app. This platform was constructed in a way that could simplify the integration of different payment services and reduce the risks of the users.

MeaWallet is a partner with Mastercard Engage Gold and it is a part of the VTS Ready Program and Amex Pay. The company promises to create a platform that can be really scalable and modern.

What Is MeaWallet?

MeaWallet was created in 2013 and it was bought by Invuo Technologies AB during 2016. Right now, the software is used for mobile wallets and payments and it works in 18 countries in Europe. The company has a very close relation with Amex, Mastercard, Visa and NXP.

The company works mostly with banks and card issuers and it is fully focused on tokenization technologies, so it is not the end user that is the client of this company.

The company has seasoned experts and new talent, having about 15 employees. The main members of the company are Lars Sandtorv (CEO), Thomas B. Normann (CRO) and Geir Norlund (COO).

MeaWallet Mea Token Platform (MeaTP) For Digital Payment Products

Basically, this company offers services for card issuers that want to provide payment for mobile wallets. This way, they can use their cards on their digital wallets as well and integrate them. The main feature of the services provided by this company is to offer in-store, in-app online payments with cards. MeaWallet offers this services since 2016. Here are the main products:

  • Mea Token Platform: enables the issuers’ apps with HCE and tokenization schemes. It is fully integrated with AmexTSP, MDES and BTS.
  • MeaTP for OEM Pays: can be used by issuers to enable OEM pays like Apple Pay and Android Pay by providing an API-based connection to the services.
  • Mea Converged Wallet: a converged wallet solution for in-store, online an in-app payments that can be used for digital payments.
  • Mea Masterpass: this product improved the experience of the consumers when they shop online and help issuers to launch own branded Masterpass wallets.

MeaWallet Verdict

This company is a good solution in the B2B market for companies that are looking to converge their existing technology with mobile wallet technology. While not for normally consumers, it can be handy for other companies.

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