Mecklenburg Co Files Hacked In 2 Bitcoin Ransom For Returning Records

In a bizarre development that took place the past week, multiple security breaches were made into the Mecklenburg County servers. A group of unidentified hackers have allegedly extracted “sensitive data”, and are asking for a ransom of 2 bitcoin in exchange for the same. In an official statement released by County Manager Dena Diorio, she said that “Yes, the story is true and we are working on a solution to alleviate this problem as soon as possible.”

So What Happened Exactly?

While some of the specific details are still sketchy, according to Diorio, the leak occurred as a result of an employee “accidentally clicking on an email attachment that should have been deleted or left to itself”. As a result of this action, hackers were given entry into the county servers, and they were able to steal information for which they are now asking a handsome sum of 2 Bitcoin, or $23,000 (to release the files).

Durin all of this madness, Diorio has maintained that there has been no loss of “personal information during the hack”.

What’s To Come?

According to some sources, the hackers have asked relevant authorities (aka County Officials) to pay the ransom by 1 p.m. Wednesday. County Officials are currently evaluating whether to pay the sum, or try and decrypt the files by themselves (with the support of ethical hacking groups).

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