Blockchain has grown to become one essential tool that can be integrated into any digitalized platform regardless of the industry. MediChain is one of the entrants into the blockchain universe with a vision to use the platform to save lives.

What Is MediChain?

Medichain is a Medical Big-Data platform that provides individuals with patient data storage service on a secure channel, and makes it possible for approved health specialist anywhere in the world to access when necessary.

How MediChain Blockchain Medical Health Records Works

MediChain sells itself as a unique service that makes it possible for patients to place their vital health and medication data securely on the cloud. Ever since people embraced personal computing in the early 80s, experts have predicted that it would not be long before the computer takes full charge of an individual’s health and wellbeing.

With the personal data safe and anonymized, patients on the MediChain network will have the power to decide how much of the information to share and with whom, whether or not to keep local backups, and even allow third-parties to analyze the data with AI algorithms for predictive diagnosis.

One thing that MediChain is relying on to get users to adopt the platform is that it promises free service for patients and doctors. Consider the platform a free cloud marketplace where patients and doctors meet to exchange health data. Educational and research institutions can also ask for access to the data for health research and medication testing.

The MediChain blockchain platform has the potential to support 2 concurrent users at a time and the company hopes to solve problems worth over $150+ billion just by rolling out the data sharing service. With transaction speeds that are up to 14,400 times faster and full support for MediChain Utility Tokens, Medichain hopes to revolutionize research and increase the number of breakthroughs in the health industry.

MediChain Benefits

By using the MediChain service, users will be rewarded with MediChain Utility Tokens (MUT) which will benefit them and their institutions in many ways.

Institutions that require medical data to develop vaccines and medications will have easy access to full and accurate but anonymized data. Medical research data service providers can also leverage the MediChain network and its anonymous data to validate transactions.

One of the most notable benefits of the MediChain network is that businesses and health institutions can subscribe to use the platform to store, transfer, share, and analyze personal medical data.

The MediChain comes with powerful data manipulation and research program voting tools that encourages users to give future research projects a fair chance.

MediChain MCU Token ICO Details

MediChain is holding an ICO on 0501/18. You will then be able to purchase their MCU utility token.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Pre-Sale Maximum 6.5%
  • Public Sale 40%
  • Partner Fund 15%
  • Team & founder Fund 18%
  • Advisors 6.5%
  • Medical Data Fund 10%
  • Bounty 4%

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