MedicorumCoin is the first Multisignature Paas Platform for health technologies. The platform uses blockchain technologies to secure all the health records. Indeed, medical data are among the most sensitive data in the world. Many players use them including doctors, laboratories, hospitals. Blockchain can guarantee their entirety. The platform is designed to provide a secure storage and share your health records.

What Is MedicorumCoin?

The intent of MedicorumCoin is to create an alternative protocol for building decentralized applications and providing a different set of tradeoffs that they believe will be very useful for a large class of decentralized applications. They also place particular emphasis on situations where rapid development time, security for small and rarely used applications, and the ability of different applications to interact efficiently, are important.

MedicorumCoin seeks to achieve its objectives by building what is essentially the ultimate abstract foundational layer: a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, which allows anyone to write smart contracts and decentralized applications where they can create their own arbitrary rules for ownership, transaction formats, and state transition functions.

MedicorumCoin Multi-Sig Health Platform As A Service

According to the platform, “Excellence is our purpose because our doctors deliver amazing treatments.” The following are some of the key features of the MedicorumCoin:

  • Brand new app design: Because an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface is their focus
  • Dozens of features: To have all you need in your pocket
  • Mobile version: Because more than 4.5 billion mobile phones are in use around the world
  • 24/7 Support: Because disease never sleeps, we will answer you anytime

A very important quote supports the Medicorum platform: “Healthcare are struggling with the administrative stuff. MedicorumCoin could be the solution.” This is according to Alex Azar of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

What Makes MedicorumCoin Stand Out

Efficient User Interface

The MedicorumCoin protocol initially started as an upgraded version of a cryptocurrency that provides advanced features such as on-blockchain escrow, withdrawal limits, financial contracts, gambling markets, and the like through a highly generalized programming language. The MedicorumCoin protocol would not “support” any of the applications directly, but the existence of a Turing-complete programming language means that arbitrary contracts can theoretically be created for any transaction type or application.

Goes Beyond Currency

What is more interesting about MedicorumCoin, however, is that the protocol moves far beyond just currency. Protocols around decentralized file storage, decentralized computation, and decentralized prediction markets, among dozens of other such concepts, have the potential to substantially increase the efficiency of the computational industry, and provide a massive boost to other peer-to-peer protocols by adding an economic layer for the first time.

More Add-on Apps

Finally, the platform has a substantial array of applications that have nothing to do with money at all. The concept of an arbitrary state transition functions as implemented by the MedicorumCoin protocol provides for a platform with unique potential. Instead of being a closed-ended, single-purpose protocol intended for a specific array of applications in data storage, gambling or finance, MedicorumCoin is open-ended by design, and they believe that it is extremely well suited to serving as a foundational layer for a very large number of both financial and non-financial protocols in the years to come.

MedicorumCoin MCC ICO Details

The ICO started on February 16, 2018 with a 5% bonus. The MCC coin is built on the ERC-20 blockchain. This is the opportunity to make health information safe.

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