What Is Mediex?

Mediex hopes to become a market leader in the medical instrument industry with its line of digital solutions. In order for it to achieve this goal, it is building an advanced ecosystem that will combine marketplaces, manufacturing, hospitals, and clinics. The main purpose of developing Mediex is to provide much-needed assistance to medical instruments manufacturers.

How Mediex Blockchain Medical Device Development Works?

Users will be able to centralize all the patient data. This means that the decentralized data will also be freely accessible to all facilities that may need access to such data. Mediex has gone further ahead to divide all the people that will be involved in its ecosystem.

This means that all token holders will play an active role in the ecosystem, and will be routinely rewarded in the form of ERC-20 tokens. Each token holder will receive a ten percent reward.

The aim of doing this is to provide the community with access to professionals. The professionals will also have access to all the technology they may need to treat the community, as well as reduce the patient load. All users who provide valuable input will be rewarded with MDX tokens.

Mediex Advantages

Using the Mediex ecosystem will come with a number of advantages. The advantages will include:

Certified And Effective

The team behind the Mediex ecosystem has been certified by the NAAC ambulance billing. In addition, they all have a one hundred passing rate on all the Medicaid and Medicare audits. Thirty-one percent of the people currently working with Mediex as clients are people who have previously worked with other agencies on a personal capacity.

And of all these clients, they all experienced a one hundred percent return when it came to their finances. The returns were realized after they had made the switch to Mediex.

Quality Account Management

Mediex will be providing a continuous and robust follow up on all client claim appeals that have been denied. In addition, it will also be providing a complete revalidation and processing of all applications. The team behind the ecosystem is committed to not cutting corners, or getting rid of denials by insurance companies.

Any denial made by a financial company must always go through a review process. In many cases, such denials end-up being paid.

Safe And Reliable Technology

The company utilizes mirrored servers that are redundant and stored in a fire resistant room. The room also happens to be climate-controlled with data backups being made a few times each day. All this has been done with the aim of ensuring that the data remains secure and that no one gets to tamper with it.

All the business software in use has been developed by the in-house developers. It, therefore, does not require any kind of external support from third parties. This is a great way to maintain confidentiality, and also ensure that the safety of the accounts is not compromised.

Mediex MDX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Name: Mediex
  • Symbol: MDX
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Platform: ETH
  • Total Supply: 500 Million
  • Decimal:10
  • Minimum Transaction Amount:10 USD
  • Acceptable Currencies: BTC, ETH

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