The current electronic health record system offers data regarding the health of a patient. You also get other data such as date of admission, visit history, hospital discharge summaries, and any procedures. While digitizing data is vital to help patients share data efficiently, the system has various shortcomings. For instance, there are issues of privacy, accuracy, and security of data.

A good example is a hospital that wants to collect data. This data might not be accurate. The reason is that the patient might have patronized other clinics and hospitals in between. The solution for this project is to offer a blockchain solution that helps with the acquisition of all data.

What Is MediLOT?

The MediLOT project will utilize a dual blockchain solution that has a unique layered architecture. The platform can incorporate Data Analytics and AI. This will allow for machine learning APIs and the complex applications to be created on top of the platform.

MediLOT will utilize blockchain to get comprehensive medical data of patients to offer analytics. There are various components in the system. The first will be data collection via the blockchain. This will allow different records from hospitals to be admitted into the system. This is where the analytics occurs.

With a one-year data record, the system can predict the severity of a patient’s issue within the coming weeks. It will also predict whether there might be readmission. MediLOT has been in development for over five years. It has worked with various hospitals for more than three decades. This includes the Tan Tock Send Hospital and National University Hospital.

How MediLOT Blockchain AI Healthcare Data Record Platform Works

The platform runs on a dual blockchain system. LOT tokens are ERC20 tokens, which run on Ethereum. The other is a public blockchain that lets hospitals access cross data. Patients enroll in MediLOT in hospitals and contribute their medical data to earn LOT tokens. They will retain control of their medical data without the need to rely on medical practitioners.

In order to get patient records, hospitals request for consent and place bids using the Lot tokens. This will create insight and offer medical advice based on the data. While the blockchain focuses on accessible and transparency, medical records are considered sensitive.

The blockchain makes it possible for untrusted entities to share data. However, since the patient data is delicate, there will be limited transparency. In this data, personal details are not included.

MediLOT LOT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: LOT
  • ICO Date: TBD
  • No. of Tokens: 2 Billion
  • Initial Token Sale: 666, 666, 668
  • Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD
  • Token Price: $0.045 USD

MediLOT Summary

MediLOT will allow for the decentralization of data points. It will grant patients seamless access to their data. It will also make it possible to onboarding a diverse range of app using the protocol. The result is a diverse range of uses cases such as dietary coaching and disease monitoring. With its highly qualified team of Ph.D. holders, medical doctors, and tested, robust technology, the project will succeed. The developers have full confidence that it is going to change the healthcare sector forever in a positive manner for all.

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