Meet Bitcoin's Most Active Wikipedia Article Editor Ladislav Mecir

Ladislav Mecir, The Most Prolific Editor Of The Bitcoin Article In Wikipedia

A computer programmer with a Czech nationality, Ladislav Mecir is a well-known personality in the internet as one of the most prolific editors of Bitcoin’s educational page on Wikipedia. At 57, he is a grandfather of two who has become a key contributor to blockchain as well as Bitcoin.

His recent interview through the Online medium revealed his vast experience as a contributor of Bitcoin information page. The article receives several visits every day, with Ladislav having edited well over one thousand articles.

The computer programmer resides in the peripheries of Prague, within the city of Jicin, where he has worked for the past 18 years on Wikipedia articles. He shares the knowledge he has attained over the past six years that he has spent working as an editor regarding Bitcoin.

Sharing His Knowledge On Computer Science

During the time when he was a high school teacher around the year 2000, he did many casual jobs and even tried changing vocations. It was during this time that Ladislav discovered that he was able to share his knowledge about computer science on Wikipedia. As a result, he became very popular, thereby publishing an article regarding Lambda calculation in English.

As fate would have it, he came across Bitcoin and went ahead to distribute accounting technologies which would be a game-change in the world at large. In many ways, Ladislav asserts that the Bitcoin opportunity changed his life in a big way. In his own words, he was surprised that such an initiative was in existence.

Having picked an interest in these fiscal tools, Ladislav made up his mind to find out how they operate and decided to publish Wikipedia information about the major cryptocurrency as a way of keeping the society updated about the virtual asset and for people to keep learning about the new technology.

In this way, the computer programmer started to carve out his way as one of the most consistent Wikipedia editors in matters virtual coinage. Today, Ladislav spends at least two hours of his time each day to edit articles related to the virtual assets in Wikipedia, both in Czech and English versions. Due to the amount of time he spends on this, some of his family member have ended up deriding him.

Internet User Vandalism

The vandalism that Bitcoin’s entry into Wikipedia has faced is one of the fights that Ladislav is fighting today. This is mainly due to the fact that the English version of the Bitcoin article has been abolished and restored so many times. The computer programmer accuses opponents of Bitcoin of attempting to stifle free information.

Additionally, other Wikipedia editors consider the cryptocurrency as a Ponzi scheme, an issue Ladislav has had to fight with. These people believe that since Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, information regarding it should not be published on educational articles on Wikipedia.

It is however ironical that Ladislav is not your typical Bitcoin enthusiast, since he does not possess any Bitcoin after all. Instead, he prefers not to invest in risky ventures, asserting that so far, he has made enough money from his articles.

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