mefy token

MeFy is India’s first AI powered doctorless clinic. The blockchain based healthcare platform aims at offering correct patient diagnosis by using the patient’s health conditions, their past medical records, treatment adherence and the health parameter measurement accessible from the MeFy IOT powered diagnosis device. In addition to providing health diagnostics, MeFy will connect stakeholders in the healthcare industry such as patients, doctors, pharmacists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

How Does MeFy Work?

One of the main objectives of the MeFy platform is improving user’s healthcare through improvement of the user’s lifestyle, diet, and society. In this regard, the platform integrated a MeMe BOT that records the user’s health lifestyle data interactively with frequent reminders of their health aspects of their health like diets, medicine prescriptions, or health test schedules.

Users can also test the different health parameters such as temperature and pulse rate using MeMe Edge. After the test is completed, the user can connect with available doctors and receive appropriate prescription through the MeMe Edge Device.

Mobile App

The MeMe Care Individual mobile app will provides users with access to the MeFy platform. The app enables users to view and update the different parameters of their individual health. Users can also input the details of their diets within the platform and receive analyzed feedback. Using the app users can track their previous medical records and reports from tests done on the MeMe Edge device. Patients can utilize the application to pay doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, or insurance companies in either fiat currency or MEFY tokens.

Doctors can expand their scopes beyond their geographical limits using the MeMe Doctor Web and Mobile App since it will enable the doctors to manage multiple clinics at once, have appointments with patients, write prescriptions for the patients, and receive payments for their services.

mefy token

Accepted Token

The ERC20 MEFY token will power the MeFy platform and provide users with access to the platform. The tokens will act as the main payment method within the platform and facilitate the reward mechanism whereby users are rewarded for behaviors with desirable outcomes or for achieving the targets, they have set within the MeMe Care app. Furthermore, health coaches will earn MEFY tokens every time their patients achieve a target. Corporate partners as well will be rewarded based on their ratings and compliance to smart contracts.

Benefits Of The Platform


MeFy empowers third world countries through offering them access to affordable and authentic healthcare that was previously difficult and expensive to acquire.

The platform will also enable patients to access their health records from anywhere in the world at any time.

Health Standards

By providing authentic healthcare, MeFy will improve the standards set for health rural and financially incapable areas.

Health Solutions

Through the implementation of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, MeFy will provide users with a useful healthcare delivery model.

Unified Health Records

MeFy will unify all the health records of patients thus making it easy for health service providers to make decisions.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: MEFY
  • Total Tokens: 200,000,000 MEFY
  • Soft Cap: $10 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: $35 Million USD
  • Available for Token Sale: 175,600,000 MEFY
  • Presale Allocation: 50,000,000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.20 USD).
  • Crowd sale: TBA
  • Allocation: 118,100,000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.30 USD with no bonus

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