Membersheep (MBS) is a B2B trading agency that professionally sources products of nearly 500 famous global brands in U.S. and Europe and sells at wholesale price.

The platform specializes in sourcing products from worldly renowned brands and provides various product lines such as shoes, clothes, fashion accessories, and departmental stores. It provides responsible supply chain management, continuous product tracking and feedback, guarantees the best product quality, as well as reasonable prices.

Membersheep strives to provide the best service based on a strict standard to make every order of their clients processed quickly and precisely.


Sheepcoin is the accepted currency on the MEMBERSHEEP marketplace. After its generation, millions of Membersheep orders will be traded using Sheepcoins.

The coin uses blockchain technology to improve B2B e-commerce sector, order, payment, delivery, and follow-up. Sheepcoin is a borderless payment method of payment that can significantly reduce foreign exchange risks. The private stage is currently live with a 25% bonus.

Functions Of The Membersheep Platform


MBS has a global sourcing channel, which it uses to source the products of about 500 global brands in U.S. and Europe. They source a wide range of products including fashion, home decoration, cosmetics, and sports items.

The platform makes sure that all the outsourced products are genuine and from the headquarters or authorized distributors.


MBS provides logistics and import clearance agent service by handling all the procedures required after purchasing a product from their platform. Therefore, buyers can easily transfer the products to their chosen warehouses after clearing the purchasing expenses. While processing shipping, all schedules are continuously reported.

Should any delay occur due to inevitable reasons, they immediately report it to erase any confusion on the part of the buyer.


Currently, many customers are trying out the direct purchase trend because of tax exemption and cheap price. MBS provides 3PL shipping service through its warehouses or its partners’ warehouses in many parts of Europe and the United States.

All buyers running direct purchase malls or purchasing agent services can purchase brand goods through the MBS platform, store them in the MBS-operated warehouses, and use the direct purchase service with 3PL.


The services at MBS are twofold, as follows:

  1. Communication: Asian countries are tricky for foreign companies to enter because of various trade barriers such as language, legislation, culture, and politics.Besides, there are sensitive issues such as product payment and buyers’ credit guaranteed in the country. MBS uses its local experts in major countries in Asia such as Korea, China, and Taiwan to support communication and enable fast localization in every aspect of trade including law, retail, trade, and local market research.
  2. Cooperation: To order products overseas, MBS has to understand various foreign languages and English to make a purchase. They also go through specific negotiation process leading to trade procedures and prices.In that regard, MBS assigns a person in charge to communicate with the language of the foreign sourcing network they have. The person has to be specialized in brand B2B sourcing and that person carries out all the procedures on behalf of the buyer. Through the MBS platform, buyers can source products stably in a competitive price and concentrate solely on product sales.


Four co-founders from Korea, China, and U.S. run MBS and they have teams in Korea and China as well. In addition, four experts in retail, distribution, law, and business in China support their business activity as advisors and the member of the board.

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