Membrana is a new Russian trust management of digital assets that uses the blockchain to store and uses the assets. The company was designed to ensure the safety of the assets and to create an environment of trust without risks.

Another pillar of the company is to offer freedom because only trust and safety many non-blockchain companies can offer, but freedom is lacking in many of them. The company lets the user decided with whom he wants to do business and it makes the limitations of the centralized platforms disappear.

About The Membrana Platform

The platform can be used both for investors, traders and funds. This means that the creation of an ecosystem in which people looking to invest, trade or to get funds is the main goal of the platform.

Investors will be able to look for the best traders on Membrana and add API keys from any exchange, send requests to traders and send MBN tokens to any address via smart contracts. Traders can receive money for trust management, set their settings for what they want to trade and sign smart contracts.

Finally, any user is able to join trust funds and to create a fund. The funds can be customized with many different options and can have votes made with the shares of the fund on the platform.

The platform works using APIs from different companies that you can easily insert, a technology called Smart Oracles that provide off-blockchain data that you can use in the smart contracts made on the Ethereum blockchain.

By using the Cipher Browser, you will be able to access the platform on mobile, as you cannot do that by using standard apps.

How Does Membrana Work?

Membrana works by creating an ecosystem in which the traders and the investors can work out whatever they want by themselves. The company is interested in offering for its users a way to make transactions safely and without middlemen. The company itself will not act as the middleman but as the provider of the space that they can use to negotiate.

Smart contracts are the tools that enable this environment to exist. They record all the details of a certain transaction and authorizations that each side has and the duration of the contract. Basically, smart contracts are self enforceable contracts that you can use on the Ethereum blockchain.

The company also uses the Metamask technology, which is a Chrome plugin that allows the user to run Ethereum Dapps right in the browser without actually having a full Ethereum node there. Metamask is used by the company to improve the security. Another software used for security is Hacken.

The Membrana Team

The Membrana team is formed by the following people: Eugene Buev (CEO), Maxim Chuhro (CTO), Yurii Gerasimov (COO), Kirill Romanov (CMO), Kseniya Kotvits (CCO), Igor Knyazev (backend developer) and others.

The main advisors of the company are Marie-Noel Nsana, which has more than 15 years in the banking industry and is the financial advisor, Alexander Norton, technical advisor with 10 years of experience at IT.

The Membrana Conclusion

While this company is based in Russia, you can probably use it from anywhere in the world. This is interesting because what Membrana is really offering is far from being an exchange but a platform in which you have the power, something that can be far more interesting than being a cryptocurrency exchange.

The company is still in early phases, so we have no doubts that you should still wait some time before using it, as there is more profit to be had from being an investor than a beta-tester, obviously.

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