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Token financing is nothing short of a revolution. ICOs are an anarchy to tech sector funding. Cryptographic Token Sales are democratizing funding by decentralizing funders both geographically and economically. In June of 2017, investments via token sales totaled $550 million, for the first time exceeding traditional angel, seed, and VC funding. As of October 2017, ICOs had raised a total of over $3.2 billion during 2017.

For investors, the token sale model has several benefits over traditional models, including instant liquidity, transparency into the startup’s finances, and access to better deals. For the startup, token financing means founder-friendly terms, larger pools of capital, and access to investors outside of tech hubs.

Although token sales took off in 2017, it has been ridden with many problems. There is a lack of due diligence for ICOs, marketing an ICO is expensive, the entire ecosystem is prone to attacks and phishing scams, there is a friction around KYC and AML, inadequate wallets, and lack of a social network for investors.

Menlo One is on a mission to make the ICO a smooth, easy experience for everyone.

About Menlo One

Menlo One creates market-leading blockchain tools for buying and selling digital tokens. Menlo One’s technology that is built on the Ethereum network offers communication, social, and automation capabilities that were previously unavailable. Together, these improvements address the critical limitations around user experience, security, and compliance that presently stymie widespread adoption. With deal-discovery, collaboration, and asset management, Menlo One will offer the most comprehensive blockchain crowdsale solution available on the market today.

Menlo One is built on a database which is distributed among users, not hosted on a single central server. Users get paid in Menlo Tokens to host the database. This makes the platform fundamentally decentralized.

What Does Menlo One Offer For Token Buyers?

Menlo One offers blockchain investors to have the same tools and social infrastructure as off-chain investors. A few of the benefits are:

  • Social Investing: Investing is inherently social. Taking this philosophy in mind, Menlo One is organizing a decentralized autonomous investor syndicate which allows you to co-invest with a massive global group.
  • Early Access to Deals: It becomes easy for investors to access pre-sales and early contributor discounts.
  • Automated Buys: You can enable Menlo One to buy tokens the moment the sales open.

What Does It Hold For Startups?

Companies have to raise millions just to launch token sales as finding investors isn’t cheap or easy. Some of the advantages they offer for startups are:

  • Meet investors: Menlo One lets you directly message investors. Investors post a price to read your messages and you pay them for their attention.
  • Secure Token Sales: Millions have been stolen by hackers by tricking investors to send crypto to them in a token sale.

What Is Menlo One TownHall?

TownHall is a key component of the ecosystem which is responsible for handling all monetized communications. All features that require peer-to-peer financial transactions, such as TownHall or Pitchbox, require an on chain solution for safely handling payment.

Townhall is designed to be an extensible developer-oriented application for use by Menlo One and the developer community at large. In essence, it’s an application that orchestrates decentralized data-storage services, including Ethereum.

Menlo One Conclusion

Menlo One can have a massive impact on the ICO ecosystem, solving most of its shortcomings. To know more about the platform log on to their website

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