Mentat (MENT Token) Launches Blockchain Skill Labor Work Marketplace

Mentat’s Private Sale Begins This Month

The blockchain startup known as Mentant will start its private token sale this month. The company aims to disrupt the labor market with the latest technologies available. The team has released its Lite paper and prototype back in May and now is trying to move forward with the private sale.

Mentat is working on a decentralized market for human intelligence. People from all over the world would be able to offer their unique skills for an instant payment. The skills can then be plugged into the application that is connected with the platform.

So as to perform works in the platform, users will need to hold Mentat’s tokens – also known as MENT. Workers will have a stake in the value of the platform which will align incentives and unlock network effects.

Mentat Co-Founder MItch Sapoff, said while talking at the Blockchain Tech Summit last month:

“We’re clearly moving towards a world where business processes are handled programmatically and human work is distributed. Mentat is the employment model reimagined for a more modularized workforce. We’ve made a lot of progress towards our MVP, but that’s only the beginning. The platform offers immense opportunities for developers to build innovative apps on top of it for a long time to come.”

The project will be leveraging the labour market by introducing blockchain technology and decentralization to it.

The private sale begins this month and the platform will be trying to raise up to $5 million dollars. The soft cap is $1 million. Up to 10% of the total token supply will begin sold in this round. The raise will be filed under a regulation D Section506(c) SEC exemption.

The proceeds will be used as follows:

  • 41% Product Development
  • 38% Marketing and Business Development
  • 11% Operations
  • 10% COntingency

Mentat is a blockchain marketplace where applications can source intelligence from human agents. Via smart contracts, the platform will enable human intelligence tasks to plug in to computer processes asynchronously eliminating the time and cost inefficiencies associated with human workers.

If you want to learn more about Mentant you can visit their website or contact them here:

  • Telegram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Youtube:
  • Press Contact: [email protected]

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